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Announcing: Jamaican in China! a radiation-free experience!

JAMAICAN IN CHINA! An old-fashioned, radiation-free, “no technology required” experience like no other!

In 2011, I returned to Saipan after spending six months in China, Laos and Singapore! It was an adventure the memories of which will last a lifetime!

After following the adventure on my blog, a few people wanted it have it all in book format. So, I created Kindle and Nook versions.

However, that wasn’t enough! They wanted a paperback copy to carry around with them and to share with their friends who didn’t have those “new-fangled” Kindles or Nooks.

Other people wanted it in paperback so they could re-live the adventure while relaxing on the beach or in the park away from radiation-emitting computer screens and technology. They simply wanted to enjoy immersing themselves in a fun story the old-fashioned way: by turning pages and feeling the weight of a real book in their hands.

Well, I can deny them (and you) no longer!

Therefore, as of just a few minutes ago, on the website (or directly from me), you can get the 340 fun-filled, fact-focussed, freedom-fostering pages of my 6-month Jamaican in China experience in Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum, THE PAPERBACK BOOK!


340 PAGES! (THICK!) 7″ x 10″ SIZE! (HUGE!)
Your coffee-table awaits!

(Many never-before-seen)


(with tons of insights and world view explanations from my Chinese friends!)

THE 2009 ADVENTURE! “The Prequel”
(My first trip to China in 2009!)

(YES, I’ve thought of everything!)

IMPORTANT: Make sure you order the version you want. There is a color version (1) and a black & white version (2).

Jamaican in China!
Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum
by Walt F.J. Goodridge
Follow my amazing six-month nomad adventure through Beijing, Kunming, Xishuangbanna and Hainan in the People’s Republic of China, along with stints in Singapore and Laos! See Asia like you’ve never seen it before–through the eyes and experiences of a nomadic, minimalist vegan Jamaican vagabond (that would be me!) With tons more never-before-published stories, bloopers, and photographs of my nomadpreneur life in China! (340 pages; 7″ x 10″; ISBN: 978-1478326892)

Download full 340page/66mb ebook!

Order in your favorite format:

Color: ISBN: 1478327413

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*Amazon price may vary
*FYI: Full color is so expensive to print that at Amazon’s price of $49.99, I only make $5 profit from this price! So, you can order direct from Amazon’s print-on-demand warehouse to add a few dollars to the author’s pocket! (If that matters to you, of course!) :-) or order from me directly!

* p.s.


I grew up on the island of Jamaica where, at the time, we had ONE television station JBC (Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation), that signed on at 4pm (with Sesame Street, Electric Company, the news, a few UK and US documentaries and television shows) and signed off at about 11pm or midnight.

However, among the shows we were fortunate to get were Sandokan (Malaysia), Colditz (UK) and Kung Fu (US).

As kids, we didn’t know or quite care what David Carradine’s character’s exact name was. We simply called him “Kung Fu!” And, acting out all the cool moves Kung Fu did on the show, and pretending to burn Shaolin monk tattoos into our skin by lifting burning hot cauldrons with our forearms provided hours of endless entertainment.

To compare this (still) Jamaican kid to one of his childhood heros, just moved YOU up in the ranks of cool “ego-fluffing” friends!


The world’s greatest book review…, if you’re Walt Goodridge

Someone recently accused me of having a “self-fluffing ego.” Um, the truth is, my ego needs quite a bit of external fluffing, actually. Self-fluffing, like other forms of auto-stimulation, simply don’t do it for me. Plus, I’ve heard it can lead to blindness. On a serious note, though, and speaking of a great ego-boosting way to start the day, I’ll share the following review of Turn Your Passion Into Profit just posted on Amazon!

I’m writing this review of Walt Goodridge’s “Turn Your Passion Into Profit” to post on, after receiving my paperback copy of it. You can get it at his website:

I recently received my paperback copy of Walt Goodridge’s “Turn Your Passion Into Profit” book. I must say it was better than I expected. The book is easy to read, fun, interesting, witty, inspiring, motivating and makes you see things in a way you never thought of before. It’s not just a how-to guide, but a transformation in consciousness. As you read it, you feel inspired – like suddenly you feel and sense a world of possiblities you never knew existed. This is the kind of book that is priceless. It’s not just a book, it’s like an “experience”, one that you have to sit down and go through to understand what I mean.

Goodridge truly has a gift of teaching and guiding in this area. He takes a difficult, complex and broad subject and handles it like a master, using simplicity and elegance to convey his teachings and guidance in this area with everyday layman’s terms. I’m quite impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me.

While reading this book, it seems apparent that Goodridge was made for this role, kind of like how people say that David Carradine was made for the Kwai Chang Kane role in the “Kung Fu” series, and Kevin Costner was made for his role in “Dances with Wolves”. Likewise, Walt Goodridge was made for this guru type role of teaching people how to turn their passions into portable businesses one can live off of. In doing so, he has not just written a practical how-to guide, but shows you how you can transform your consciousness to another level, where you are better able to manifest your wishes and desires. I think this is important, and what other books about starting your own business lack.

You see, for the law of attraction to work for you, and for the universe to begin helping you, you’ve got to operate from a higher plane of consciousness which allows it all to come into possibility. True change begins within, and that’s where Walt starts. That’s what makes this book special compared to others. I know that might sound a bit New Ageish, but it’s true. I’ve experienced this in my own life, as a successful self-employed “Passionpreneur” myself, so I know what it takes to become one.

Walt is one of the few gifted writers who understands this inner transformation one must go through to change one’s life, because he too, has had to undergo a transformation in consciousness in order to live a life of freedom, authenticity and abundance. You see, changing your life is more than just about doing practical how-to steps in the physical world. One must move from a state of being locked in fear and limitation into one of abundance, possibility. That requires a transformation in consciousness, for true freedom begins in the mind. At that point, the inner change will manifest into the outer.

Walt has a gift for helping people in this area. He was tailor made for this role. This book is his best work. And it’s a MUST HAVE for sure. I tend to be very skeptical and cynical about things, so for me to praise something, it’s gotta be really good for sure. And this book definitely fits the bill.

Every page is filled with motivation and wisdom which helps you to discover yourself, your true potential, who you really are, and how you can awaken to an empowering truer, more meaningful and more authentic life. I liked how Walt used analogies from the film “Shawshank Redemption” with Morgan Freeman, a great masterpiece film, and explained how the lessons from it apply to our lives.

After corresponding with him, I would say that Walt is one of the most awakened people I’ve ever talked to. While most people in the world are energy leeches and vampires who suck the energy out of you, Walt is one of the few that radiate energy and give it to help others, for he draws his from some “cosmic source” of abundance, rather than from ego or illusion. That makes him a lot more authentic than most people I’ve met.

You’ve all heard the saying, “Do what you love. The money will follow.” Well this book is the epitome of that. Once you read it, you will understand more than ever the wisdom behind that saying. It’s true in more ways than you might think. You see, if you only live to work, then you don’t have a true purpose in life. The most authentic lifestyle is to follow your passion, and make a living while doing that. That is the TRUE way to live true to yourself and live freely. This book will help you do that, in many ways.

So anyway, if you are tired of living a robotic life working for others as a slave to make a living, and looking for other alternatives and answers, then get this book. It’s inexpensive and priceless. It is truly life changing and transformative, as well as a masterpiece work of inspiration. Even if you’ve already begun your journey of awakening, this book will help bridge the gap between your new awakening and the steps you can take to manifest your inner changes into your everyday life that will allow you to live in freedom, abundance, authenticity and passion.

If that sounds like you, then this book could be the catalyst that marks the turning point in your life, and the next stage in your evolution of being as well.

Thanks for reading my review which comes straight from the heart.



Winston Wu

Author of Happier Abroad


WOW! Thanks, Winston! It doesn’t get any better than that! Check out Winston’s 90,000 visit per month site at HAPPIERABROAD.COM )

All my books are here:

Ron M. Jamaican pilot living his dream!

You may recall my friend, Ron McFarlane, a Jamaican pilot I met on Saipan. Well, Ron is no longer on Saipan and is now a pilot for Air Macau! He’s been in training for a few months, but just completed his first official flight (and landing) of an Airbus 320 in Nanjing, China! When we used to sit in Garapan and watch the, um, tourists go by, Ron would always tell me his dream was to fly the big ones! He’s always wanted to be a pilot for as long as he can remember. Now, he’s living his dream! Here’s a youtube video of his first landing of a passenger-filled A320 recorded for posterity! Go deh, star! Nuff respect! I’ll be visiting soon!

If you’re in China, or cannot view the youtube video for some reason, click here


Let the crowd control it! Fund the next Jamaican in China reality season!

Here’s an email I received a few days ago:


I’d like to see more! Why?

• I like the flippancy, your sense of humor – as in the opening sequence.
• I like the sharing of personal info, like your comment that ‘it came after a lot of contemplation’
• I like the immediacy of the experience – like ‘my heart skipped a beat’
• I like the connection to others – via links and pictures (though I do not recall Cindy and Ricky)
• I like the saga of the on-going search for vegan restaurants
• I like the exposure to publications – and wilder foods – ‘Id never otherwise come across (like the Caribbean cookbooks – and raw pizza???) and I thought the final picture SO perfect!!!!!!!
Perhaps you could do different boroughs of NYC; you could do the various ethnic mini-cities within NYC (little Italy, Chinatown, the Jewish section, etc.,) or just your ordinary day-to-day experiences! In sum, being able to vicariously enjoy your travels, your experiences – which were told with wit and humor and wonderful pictures – brought a nice break to the day – and I miss them! -Ruth T, in response to the latest post from Augusta, GA (not quite China, but….)

So, with that said, the last Jamaican in China “reality show” season was a fun and insightful experience! For me, it was life changing! However, that was then. This is now. Based on popular demand like the email above, I see it’s time to hit the road again! [cue Willie Nelson music] This time–with your help–there’ll be more professional video, interviews with people on the streets of China, more humor, more personal and private info, recurring characters (Mr. Fair Deal Papaya Man, perhaps?), and of course, more girls and more vegetarian food–I hope! And, if you’re really supportive, there’ll even be Jamaican in [WHO KNOWS WHERE!!] (Colombia, Thailand, Bali, Czech Republic and Tibet are all on my list!)

So, let’s show Apple and Canon and China Air we don’t need no stinkin’ corporate sponsorship!! Let the crowd take control! A total of $5,000 is needed to get the new adventure rolling with a digital camera, laptop, phone, travel documents and China visa!

Click below to contribute any amount

“If you want to be my girlfriend…” Chapter 4 first page

Here’s a first page preview of Chapter 4 of If you want to be my girlfriend. The anonymous author may be someone you know, but I can’t reveal who he is!


CHAPTER 4: Why do I love?
Because we structure or allow others to structure our relationships in ways that contradict what we really want.

I love because I want:

Feminine energy



Visual stimulation

Ego boost

Personal growth

What I don’t have

“I feel like there’s no place for me in your life,” my Thai girlfriend said to me with a sigh.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Well, it’s like you don’t really need me,” she continued. “You can cook for yourself. You don’t let me clean your apartment. I feel like there’s nothing I can do for you.”

“Well, it’s nice that you want to do those things for me, sweetie. However, there’s nothing you need to do for me. I want you around because you’re a woman. That’s something I can’t do for myself. Just show up. I like your energy. I like the way you think, and it’s okay if you just come over and we talk. That’s enough.”

Why are people unhappy?

It’s obvious to me that the cause of relationship unhappiness is that people make promises that are inconsistent with their true selves, their wiring or their will. As a result…[READ MORE]

Want more? Download the introduction and entire first chapter, or order the paperback, pdf, kindle or nook at


UPDATE: This book was re-titled: Masculinity 2.0

The Whereabouts of the Wandering Walt

This week I was in Augusta, Georgia. Why, you ask? Well, I’d like to tell you, but if I did, I’d have to–you know–let’s just say that in the interest of national security, and your continued existence, it’s better that you NOT know. Okay, Okay, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to say anything if any men in black suits visit you and ask about it, okay?

I was at a top-secret military establishment, doing a top secret workshop, where I shared some top secrets. On a serious note, my agreement to do the workshop came after a lot of contemplation and reconciliation with my ethics, but I’ll save those details for a future post or article.

Since I was just a 2-hour bus ride away, I decided to take a Greyhound to Atlanta to visit with friends. It seems that everyone I know has moved to Atlanta.

So, I’m sitting on the bus, settling in for the two-hour ride, and while scanning the interior of the bus, I see a “WI-FI” sign! My heart skips a beat! Excitedly, I pull out my laptop and scan for a signal, and voila! Hi-speed internet access on a bus going 80 miles an hour down a highway! It’s been years since I’ve taken a Greyhound, so I was unaware just how far we as a society have come.Can life get any better than this?

First stop was a visit to see Cristy and Ricky! Surely you remember Cristy from Colombia and Ricky from Guatemala? Come on now! They are the couple I met while on Saipan, who’d been to 129 countries at the time (I’m sure it’s more by now, but I forgot to ask), and who I interviewed and wrote about for the Saipan Tribune.

They are the ones who encouraged me to throw caution to the wind and venture out on my own to China! I thank them every time I see them. They were responsible for me becoming “Jamaican in China!”

Hanging out with Cristy and visiting friends from Colombia.Cristy’s on the far left in pink, and my hand is on Ricky’s shoulder

Stay tuned! Cristy’s been showing me photos of Quindio, Colombia, and I have a strange feeling I might be Jamaican in Colombia soon!

Did I mention it was 105F in Atlanta? My kind of weather! See the thermometer reading on the rear view window?

Then the Wandering Walt was handed off from Cristy to my good friend, Anika.

Cristy, Anika and the Jamaican. Your time to watch him, kiddo!

Of course, no trip to any new destination would be complete without a quest for a vegan restaurant. So, I reconnected with my good friend, Princess Dixon, who New Yorkers might remember was a regular vendor at the West Indian Day celebration on Eastern Parkway, and started out vending on the corner of Church Street and Vesey in Lower Manhattan which is where we first met. Princess and her partner, Kwadwo, are now the proud owners of Healthful Essence Restaurant in Atlanta! This restaurant’s got everything! It’s vegan soulfood with a Caribbean flavor! I’m in heaven again!

Princess and Kwadwo in front of Healthful Essence, 875 York Ave in the west end of Atlanta

And, if you can’t make it to Atlanta, but want to sample some of the meals I had while there, check out Princess’ cookbook!

The cookbook (only $18.95 + shipping) View more

visit the site to order the cookbook at, and check out her Youtube promo video featuring a delicious look at Raw Pizza, Un-fish cakes, Roti and more!


And then, it was back to New York!

On the AirTrain from JFK airport to Queens!

Ky-mani Marley in Brooklyn, New York

I finally got out of the house to check out one of the concerts listed on my site. It was, none other than Ky-mani Marley!

From Wikipedia: Ky-mani is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist whose East African name means Adventurous Traveler. The only child of table tennis champion Anita Belnavis and reggae icon Bob Marley, Ky-mani Marley was born in Falmouth, Jamaica!

It was like back in my radio deejay days! A front row seat to see a Reggae icon!

That’s the money shot right there!

Videos will follow!

Election 2012 tip: How to spot a sociopath

Okay. Seems no one else is going to say it, so I may as well. Rachel Maddow is bound by certain rules of conduct, and I, too, want to keep the discourse from devolving to certain levels. I believe, Mike Adams at is hinting at it, too. Therefore, I’ll share a link to his site to help you as you make your decision for this year’s presidential election.

Mike’s article is entitled “How to spot a sociopath…

As you read, ask yourself: Does this remind me of anyone who is running for office?

For a little help with the quiz, check out this video:

Freedom of speech? I don’t think so.

Okay, I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been busy releasing a new product for my company. In the middle of all this writing and editing, however, a fellow webmaster, Winston Wu, over at, sent me an email about an issue involving free speech, forum rules of conduct, and banning violators on his website. So, I thought I’d share my opinion with you, too:

Hey Winston,

Very interesting posts in that thread.


Personally, I’m a dictator at heart. (I’d like to think I’m a benevolent one, though).

However, anyone who uses foul language in an email to me is removed from my list. There’s no 3 strikes here. You’re simply out. That’s just me. I have certain standards of behavior that I don’t compromise. (On the internet, what you say is your  behavior”)

I have a free, donate-if-you-wish website, called that, for the past 7 years has provided a compilation of all the free events in NY via weekly email. People donate hundreds of dollars each summer for the convenience. A fellow recently joined my list and wrote an email to me (editing is mine):

“Why would I pay for this s–t that’s free everywhere else? “

He was removed from my list. No need for me to put up with this. I won’t do it for money. I certainly won’t do it “for free.”
[Voice of Seinfeld’s “soup Nazi”: “No emails for you!”]


In my opinion, people have misinterpreted the concept of free speech.

1. First of all, just because speech is “free,” doesn’t mean anyone is interested in what you have to say. :-)

2. Secondly, just because speech is “free,” doesn’t mean you need to share, or share what you want to say in an offensive way.  While our society may have accepted lewdness and crassness as simply an expression of “free speech,” I believe there are still commonly agreed-upon practices of civil interaction, that are necessary to enforce to avoid devolving as humans.

3. Thirdly, but, most importantly, As far as the American model is concerned, “free speech” simply means there are no laws on the books that will be used to punish you–and for a country ostensibly governed by the “rule of law” that’s a good thing. HOWEVER, freedom of speech does NOT mean you have freedom from consequences. The universe is governed by the law of cause and effect. Just because you are legally protected, doesn’t mean there are no consequences to your behavior.

On a spiritual level, free speech is not free of consequences.  Negative energy breeds itself and, as one of your members predicts, bad behavior may ultimately have a negative effect on the mood and mission on the Happier Abroad site.

On a practical, day-to-day level, free speech is also not free of consequences. People will react and respond and there are consequences. Oprah had the freedom to say on her show that everyone should become vegetarian. There were consequences.  She was sued by the meat lobby.

Rush Limbaugh had the freedom to say on his show what he did about Sandra Fluke, get my point

That’s my opinion. Ban ’em all!!!

What do you think? Post a comment below!