* p.s.


I grew up on the island of Jamaica where, at the time, we had ONE television station JBC (Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation), that signed on at 4pm (with Sesame Street, Electric Company, the news, a few UK and US documentaries and television shows) and signed off at about 11pm or midnight.

However, among the shows we were fortunate to get were Sandokan (Malaysia), Colditz (UK) and Kung Fu (US).

As kids, we didn’t know or quite care what David Carradine’s character’s exact name was. We simply called him “Kung Fu!” And, acting out all the cool moves Kung Fu did on the show, and pretending to burn Shaolin monk tattoos into our skin by lifting burning hot cauldrons with our forearms provided hours of endless entertainment.

To compare this (still) Jamaican kid to one of his childhood heros, just moved YOU up in the ranks of cool “ego-fluffing” friends!