The Jamaican in China rides again!

There are people–average, everyday folk–who, when they travel, manage to pack their suitcases the night before, or perhaps even days before, so that when the day of departure rolls around, they can wake up as usual unhurriedly, sit in their living rooms, comfortably, while chatting or sipping tea leisurely as they wait for a taxi.

Um, I would NOT be one of those people.

As it happens, this morning–the day of my 10:00am “Escape from America”  flight from New York back to Asia (have to be at the airport at 7am, they advise), I found myself up at 4:00am cleaning the apartment, packing my bags, and then by 6:00am I was heading out the door and down the deserted streets of Queens, New York on my way to the Home Depot (ran into my friend, Steve D., who works there) a few blocks away. I had to purchase some special flood lights for the apartment before I left. Then, from there, it was off to the Rite Aid Pharmacy where I had to pick up some toiletries for a friend on Saipan. It’s always like this. Now, is it just me?

Well, I finally head out at about 7:15am, walk to the train station with bags in tow, hop on the JFK airTrain, and arrive at Kennedy Airport’s Terminal 7 for my Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong…

waiting in JFK

Cathay Pacific plane

The flight route

…And now, one long 15 hour flight later, I’m in the Hong Kong airport for a 2 hour layover, awaiting my connecting flight to Manila, Philippines (Total JFK to Hong Kong to Manila: $788 one way) FYI: There’s free wi-fi in the Hong Kong airport!

So, let the adventure and festivities begin anew! The Jamaican in China….and Beyond rides again!

A nomad’s final tether

I have a record collection of approximately 2,000-3,000 vinyl lps and singles. If you recall from an earlier post, my good friend, Tony, was gracious enough to give them a home in his garage in New Jersey. There they have languished while I traveled the world being Jamaican on Saipan, Singapore, Laos and China!

I’ve always mentioned that when I escaped from America in 2006, that I sold or gave away most of my possessions before jetting to Saipan. I lied. Because Tony is a friend, “giving” him the records was not really that difficult, since I knew that I could reconnect with them if need be. Well, that might be about to change–sort of. Tony wants his garage back, and as I’m about to escape from New York again to head back to Saipan, I’ve got to find them a new home, and cut the final tether. What to do????

And then, it hit me. Those records were accumulated while I was the on-air host of “Reggae Riddims” on WKCR-FM–Columbia University’s radio station. Perhaps I could donate them to the station! It seems like a good idea! They would have a good home. Rather than sitting in a garage, they could be providing enjoyment to many. And, if I set the terms of the donation correctly, I could have access to them at some point in the future without fear that they’d be sold or discarded.

I contacted the current student board of the station, and will likely have an initial meeting next week with the show’s current DJ for him to check out what I’ve got and to assess the offering! Stay tuned!

However, I’m still keeping my options open. If anyone wants to bid for a collection of Reggae from Jamaica/UK/Japan from the 70’s to mid 80’s–classics, collector’s items and rarities, send me an email! Well, I’ll probably keep some of the rarities for myself, but I can be bribed!