Makati Me! Journey of a Thousand Shorts-3

What ultimately got me off Saipan and traveling again since a year before the pandemic is that I offered to help a friend shop for and furnish his empty condo in Manila. As part of the arrangement, I stayed in the apartment, so I got to travel around and shop for my own minimalist, nomad essentials and live like a local for about a week. I’ll share what I bought in another video!

A friend in need,
room guaranteed,
and tuktuk rides galore!
I live the free
Makati me
while sleeping on the floor!



Follow Bliss | Saipan! | My first post-pandemic adventure begins!

My full “Many Me,” minimalist, vegan, nomad, cheapskate adventure from Saipan to Guam to Macau to Cambodia is now being released as “A Journey of a Thousand Shorts” (60sec each with unseen video, photos & commentary) on the Jamaican in China Youtube channel. Each episode features a unique Walt’s Travel Life Rhyme, starting with #1: “Follow Bliss!” (Watch until the end to hear me perform it!)

#1 – Follow Bliss
I’m off to see the world
with just a suitcase and a smile
And crossing many borders
may not see you for a while

But if and when you think of me
my friend, remember this:
Don’t follow crowds, don’t follow fads
Look inward. Follow bliss!