Last full day in Macau

Finally, a sunny day in Macau! Went walking thru Old Taipa with my friend and fellow Jamaican, Ron.

Loved the music playing in the first café we stopped in. The sort of stuff I love(d) listening to on Claudia Marshall’s show on Fordham U’s radio station WFUV-FM (90.7) when I was in NYC. Of course, I can still enjoy it now thanks to the internet, but it’s not exactly the same! In any case, check out the song’s perfect lyrics for my last day in Macau (I’ll add a link to it in the comments)

Walked around…

Recorded a few videos…

Thanks to Ron, I had a great meeting and conversation-cum-coaching session with Macau passionpreneur Hailey, proprietress of one of his favorite spots, a café called Céleste Artisan 943, in Taipa Village. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting the full session (containing lots of tips and advice for current and aspiring passion seekers) on the @askavegan as well as @therealpassionpreneur channel on Youtube (subscribe now).

Hailey, Ron & Me


Ron headed back home to prepare for work. I walked around a bit by myself, shopped at Park & Shop (great store with healthy items)…

stopped at Lotus for some wheatgrass/kale/moringa/spirulina powder. Picked up a new subscriber to the @askavegan Youtube channel (Thanks, Lourdes! Should have taken a photo!) and called it a day! Leaving for Cambodia tomorrow!




Dating in Asia Chronicles 1-4 (2023)

Requested by men in The West as well as those who’ve escaped to The East, I’ve decided–in a series of shorts– to share a few private thoughts and observations about my personal life since moving to this side of the world. Let the oft-requested Dating in Asia Chronicles begin!



Dating in Asia 1-The Main Difference:


Dating in Asia 2-Approaching:

Dating in Asia 3-My Preferences:

Dating in Asia 4-Your Mileage May Vary:


What’s YOUR Travel Attitude for the Unexpected? (plus: The Messy House Guest!!)

“Aren’t you UPSET??” he asked. Here’s what I replied…
Today’s topic: What’s YOUR Travel Attitude for the Unexpected? (plus: Messy House Guests!!)
What’s more important when you travel, speed, price or direct route? What do you do when things don’t go as planned? Are you a messy house guest? All this and more in this reality check from the Vegan Jamaican in China!


Hong Kong Colonic (trip, process & cost) without the icky parts!

Hong Kong ranks among the top 5 countries in Asia for medical tourism based on the quality of care as well as the affordability. When I travel, I make sure I take advantage of that fact for colonics, chelation therapy and other products and services I’m not able to avail on Saipan! Here’s a short recap of my trip from Macau, an explanation of the process and the final cost.



Jamaican in Macau…again and tips for Thai visa applicants

After not traveling since pre-pandemic 2018, I’m slowly getting back into the nomadpreneur headspace. Basically, I’m just walking around the streets, observing life, noticing patterns and allowing my wanderlust to re-ignite.  Not too much interacting except for the required wait staff, cashiers, Grab™ (Uber clone) drivers, and the occasional random stranger who’ll ask, “So, what country you from?” (A Filipina lady in SM supermarket in Manila said I looked like I’m from the Middle East and she wanted to practice her Arabic!)

In any case, I’ll do my best to get into the performer headspace for my upcoming colonic in Hong Kong on Monday, and my Thailand trip next week. Traveler alert: The Thai visa application process is now completely online. There is no longer a need to visit the Thai consulate in person:

From 26 September 2021, 11.00 PM (UTC), it is no longer required for e-Visa applicant to submit his/her passport and original supporting documents in person at the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate. After the e-Visa application has been approved, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to applicants. It is kindly requested to print a copy of the confirmation e-mail to present to airline and Thai Immigration officials to carry out checks when travelling to Thailand.

Meanwhile, here are some shots and video clips of my day in Macau:

Macau in the morning (about 5:30am):

On my way to Sum Yuen Vegetarian Restaurant

This is actually my SECOND time here since arriving ONE day ago! It was the first place I visited right after landing at 7pm yesterday!

Spicy oyster mushrooms (#080;,68MOP), brown rice (#119;68MOP), vegetable soup(38MOP) Total: 174MOP =  $21.53USD

*Item numbers and price as seen on the menu at:

1USD=8.08Macanese Pataca (MOP)

I arrived at 2:30pm, JUST as the kitchen closed for the day (to reopen at 5:30pm). However, the staff was kind enough to allow me to order and dine…

After serving my order and having me pay (so they could close out the day shift), the girls went home (or wherever they go for their three-hour break), and I dined alone–like really alone, as in no one, not even staff in the restaurant! The front desk manager left after charging my card. The last waitress to leave gave me the  plastic take-out bowls I requested and then she too left.

After my meal, I walked around Nova Mall for about an hour (purchased some Terra chips at Taste™, hopped on a free shuttle provided by my host’s apartment complex, and took a drive through Macau! I’ll document that in a video!

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Random scenes in Manila, then on to Macau!

Here’s the plan. I’ll head to Macau for a few days. While I’m there, I’ll likely get a colonic in Hong Kong as well as secure my entry visa for my next visit to Thailand.

Want to see what and how I pack for my digital nomadpreneur, minimalist, vegan traveler adventures? Video coming soon to the AskaVegan Youtube channel! Subscribe!

Meanwhile, here are a few random shots around Manila.

The street vendor’s son


Eating at iVegan. I’ll definitely be back!


Outside iVegan. I’ll probably do a review video soon
Waiting on the flight to Macau
On the flight to Macau

Nighttime overlooking Macau

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