“Advantages of being Jamaican.” People google the darndest things!

Advantages of being jamaican tracker results
Advantages of being jamaican tracker results

Someone in Canada recently found my Jamaican in China site by googling “advantages of being Jamaican.”

What’re you kiddin’ me???!! The advantages of being Jamaican? Did you really ask that???

Well then. Hmmmm. Okay. let me start by saying: According to experts, there are 1,013,913 words in the English language (and that doesn’t include the creative additions to said language that have been contributed by Jamaican patois itself.)

Now, as we all no doubt recall from our high school math class on “factorials”, the number of possible combinations (not to be confused with permutations) of those words into sentences ranges in numbers that are beyond comprehension! The formula requires first computing the factorial of 1,013,913. Just for reference, the factorial of 1,000,000 is already a number with 5.5 million digits. So, that goes light years beyond the known duodecillion, tredecillion, septillion, and even the Eddington-Dirac number. (Look it up!) But enough fun with math, let’s return to the question at hand.

Ahem. Consequently, that puts the possible combinations of phrases one could construct in the worthwhile–albeit futile– attempt to capture just how advantageous it is being Jamaican into the millions of millions of millions as well.

I suggest, therefore, in response to our Canadian Googler’s query, that even with that magnitudinous palette of words, the world’s greatest minds, on the most dedicated of teams, with the noblest of intentions, and the strongest of commitments, toiling ad infinitum, with no restrictions on funding or technological computing power, could NOT begin to scratch the surface of the molecules of dew on the tip of the iceberg of widely-known as well as discreetly-discussed advantages of what it means to us, and to the world to be Jamaican.

And that’s just my introduction to this vitally important topic…I’m organizing the team even as we speak.

“Do Jamaicans have the freedom of speech?” People Google the darndest things!

Do Jamaicans have the freedom of speech
Do Jamaicans have the freedom of speech

Someone in Rhode Island, USA (see tracker image), found my Jamaican in China blog by Googling “Do Jamaicans have the freedom of speech.” This gives me the perfect opportunity to share my opinion on this.

Yes, this is my opinion. This blog, my books and articles are all my opinions on a variety of topics. I believe we’d all agree that everyone is entitled to an opinion, yes? However, I also believe we, as a society need to agree that not all opinions are equal. Some opinions are just plain wrong and shouldn’t even be debated.

The trouble with our “free” society is this insane yet pervasive and persistent idea that all opinions are equal. Opinions may be equal quantitatively as in, you have one opinion, and I have another, and therefore 1 = 1, but qualitatively, your idea may be horse puckie.

In my opinion, people—particularly in America—have misinterpreted this concept of free speech. As far as US law is concerned, “free speech” simply means there are no laws on the books that will be used to punish you for what you say–and for a country ostensibly governed by the “rule of law” that’s good thing. However, freedom of speech does not mean you have freedom from consequences. The universe is governed by the law of cause and effect. Just because you are legally protected, doesn’t mean there are no consequences to your words and opinions. Nor does it mean that your words and opinions actually have merit in the larger scheme of things—even if those opinions are held by other people. People will react and respond and there are consequences. For instance, Oprah had the freedom to say on her show that everyone should become vegetarian. However, there were consequences. She was sued by the meat lobby. House Representative Todd Akin had the freedom to opine on the logistics of “legitimate rape.” His freely spoken opinion was acted upon by the voting public. The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre has the freedom to advocate for more guns in society. However, his position is marginalizing him in the public dialogue. History is replete with examples of people who paid a price for speaking freely Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, John Kennedy, et.al.

Those last few examples should not be interpreted in any way as intended to discourage you from speaking freely for what you believe in. My point is simply this: There is nowhere on the planet–Jamaica or any place else–or in this universe where speech is really free. Your words, whether positive or negative, good or evil, have creative power. Words have consequences. Use them wisely! This is part of the unseen realm of reality I discovered when I went In Search of a Better Belief System.

Scrambled tofu revisited

In response to some questions, comments and concerns I received about yesterday’s How to Reverse Aging Facebook group invitation, let me say this about that:

1. First, it really was delicious, but since there isn’t a Facebook taste-your-screen app yet, you’ll just have to take my (and my guest’s) word for it.

2. I would consider that sort of meal more of an interim, transitional recipe for those who are new to being vegetarian and would like some of the comfort and familiarity that comes with replicating certain aspects of their current diet as they make the transition.

3. I personally haven’t had tofu scrambler or fakin’ bacon in about 10 years. These days (I’ve been vegan since 1992), I tend toward fresh, raw fruits and vegetables as much as possible, as you may recall from on my daily shopping excursions when I was in Xishuangbanna and Hainan, as covered in this special ChinaTravel.net profile and interview.

4. To read all of my health secrets, check out “Yesterday’s You! How to Reverse Aging using special foods, vitamins, supplements and a few little-known, secret practices

Cooking Scrambled Tofu in New York

People Google the Darndest things: Worldview of Jamaican Culture

Once again, people’s interest in things Jamaican is ongoing, and provides us all with teachable moments upon which to expand our knowledge.Just a few days ago (according to my tracker stats), someone in Maryland, USA, found my blog by googling “worldview of Jamaican culture” most likely to learn more about this endlessly fascinating topic.

So, I did what any self-respecting Jamaican would do when presented with such curiosity: I first chuckle at his/her ignorance, and then condescendingly proceed to explain our worldview. I thought a graphical representation would be the most illustrative, and in searching on Google for maps of the world, I came across a quite unique one at

It shows each country’s name written in text at a font size equivalent to that country’s shape and land mass on the planet. However, the creator of this image, quite like our dear Maryland information-seeker, is forgivably unaware of the need for a slight adjustment to his map. Therefore, I’ve made said adjustment and present to you, and the world a “to scale” graphical representation of the Jamaican worldview. This is how Jamaicans see ourselves in relation to the rest of the world. Thank me later.

click to see larger image.

Press Conference: You kidding me? Of course I’ll be heading back to China this year!!

I’m getting that question a lot. Therefore, here’s the official Jamaican in China public position made known at a recent press conference held at an undisclosed location that shall remain nameless.


Nomadpreneur warns the world to be ready “some time later this year”

Dateline: New York–Jan 3, 2013. Author and nomadpreneur, Walt F.J. Goodridge, made what experts are hailing as 2013’s first major, earth shattering announcement today when he disclosed that he does, in fact, intend to return to China some time later this year to resume his Jamaican in China adventure.

Details and dates were sketchy at press time, and the industry’s crack investigative reporters were unable to uncover any specifics, and so, had no choice but to attend Goodridge’s hastily-arranged press conference.

“You kidding me?? Of course I’ll be heading back to China this year!” Goodridge said in response to an unknown reporter’s question while at that undisclosed location somewhere in New York City. Goodridge, who appeared at the press conference accompanied by an unidentified person who remained nameless, commentless, and pretty much motionless throughout added, “Why wouldn’t I? My last trip was one of the best times I’ve ever had!”

Asked to elaborate on why his last trip was, in fact, such a great time, Goodridge smirked, turned his eyes fleetingly to the unknown, unidentified person by his side, and replied, “You’ll have to buy my book: Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum! available in black and white AND in color on Amazon.com, but which can be obtained more inexpensively directly from my site!

Asked if this level of secrecy, hoopla, and a freakin’ press conference were really all that necessary for what amounted to a simple announcement about buying a plane ticket, Goodridge replied: “No comment.”

Pushed further to respond to allegations that the entire press conference was simply a marketing ploy to announce his book for the new year and to generate sales, Goodridge replied: “Well, if there are no more questions, I’d like to thank you all for coming. Happy new year everyone!”

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