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The Jamaican in China rides again!

There are people–average, everyday folk–who, when they travel, manage to pack their suitcases the night before, or perhaps even days before, so that when the day of departure rolls around, they can wake up as usual unhurriedly, sit in their living rooms, comfortably, while chatting or sipping tea leisurely as they wait for a taxi.

Um, I would NOT be one of those people.

As it happens, this morning–the day of my 10:00am “Escape from America”  flight from New York back to Asia (have to be at the airport at 7am, they advise), I found myself up at 4:00am cleaning the apartment, packing my bags, and then by 6:00am I was heading out the door and down the deserted streets of Queens, New York on my way to the Home Depot (ran into my friend, Steve D., who works there) a few blocks away. I had to purchase some special flood lights for the apartment before I left. Then, from there, it was off to the Rite Aid Pharmacy where I had to pick up some toiletries for a friend on Saipan. It’s always like this. Now, is it just me?

Well, I finally head out at about 7:15am, walk to the train station with bags in tow, hop on the JFK airTrain, and arrive at Kennedy Airport’s Terminal 7 for my Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong…

waiting in JFK

Cathay Pacific plane

The flight route

…And now, one long 15 hour flight later, I’m in the Hong Kong airport for a 2 hour layover, awaiting my connecting flight to Manila, Philippines (Total JFK to Hong Kong to Manila: $788 one way) FYI: There’s free wi-fi in the Hong Kong airport!

So, let the adventure and festivities begin anew! The Jamaican in China….and Beyond rides again!

A nomad’s final tether

I have a record collection of approximately 2,000-3,000 vinyl lps and singles. If you recall from an earlier post, my good friend, Tony, was gracious enough to give them a home in his garage in New Jersey. There they have languished while I traveled the world being Jamaican on Saipan, Singapore, Laos and China!

I’ve always mentioned that when I escaped from America in 2006, that I sold or gave away most of my possessions before jetting to Saipan. I lied. Because Tony is a friend, “giving” him the records was not really that difficult, since I knew that I could reconnect with them if need be. Well, that might be about to change–sort of. Tony wants his garage back, and as I’m about to escape from New York again to head back to Saipan, I’ve got to find them a new home, and cut the final tether. What to do????

And then, it hit me. Those records were accumulated while I was the on-air host of “Reggae Riddims” on WKCR-FM–Columbia University’s radio station. Perhaps I could donate them to the station! It seems like a good idea! They would have a good home. Rather than sitting in a garage, they could be providing enjoyment to many. And, if I set the terms of the donation correctly, I could have access to them at some point in the future without fear that they’d be sold or discarded.

I contacted the current student board of the station, and will likely have an initial meeting next week with the show’s current DJ for him to check out what I’ve got and to assess the offering! Stay tuned!

However, I’m still keeping my options open. If anyone wants to bid for a collection of Reggae from Jamaica/UK/Japan from the 70’s to mid 80’s–classics, collector’s items and rarities, send me an email! Well, I’ll probably keep some of the rarities for myself, but I can be bribed!

Escape from America the Threequel: The Nomad Rides Again!

It’s Sunday, April 21, 2013! The countdown date has arrived! So, what, you ask, is the significance of this date? Well, if you guessed “he’s on the move again,” you’d be correct! That’s right, I’m escaping from America once again! (You can check out the first two escapes here and here

First, however, let’s recap a few highlights from the past 18 months. New York has served its purpose and I’ve gotten to accomplish quite a few things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Thanks to Dan Shor and Eric Norcross, I filmed a Jamaican in Chinatown video;got introduced to Kindles and Nooks and converted most of my books to Kindle and Nook formats; wrote a few new books; (even a relationship guide; launched a few new websites. Created some software to launch FreeSummerConcerts nationwide. So, now it’s time to say goodbye.

And, within just the past two weeks, in preparation for my travels, I:

Bought my one-way ticket online ($197)

Upgraded my Macbook Pro with a 1 Terrabyte (1000 Gigabyte) hard drive ($97), so I don’t have to travel around with two heavy external hard drives. Installed it myself courtesy of Youtube videos.

Renewed my green card (a smooth, quick and painless proces; Well, painless except for the $450 fee–$385 application + $65 Biometrics)

Received a Canon S100 digital camera as a gift to chronicle the adventures! This should take better pics than the one I bought on Hainan during my last days in China

Went to Jackson Heights, Queens, for the requisite white kurta/punjabi/fatwa shirt….($25 each at Shukmoney Fashions 37-14 74th Street Tell them Walt sent you)

Customizing my shirts in Jackson Heights

…and at 8:30am, I packed, walked to the JFK Airtrain and headed to Kennedy airport! ($5.00)

On the JFK airtrain
On the JFK airtrain

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! What exciting, mysterious, exotic location will the Jamaican in China find himself this time?

Well, hold on to your seats! It’s time to don my secret identity and transform into alter ego and become …

The Jamaican in ….

wait for it

The flight crew
The flight
Veggie meal on flight. Didn’t eat it, just filmed it.


the landing (on youtube)Those in China can view it here

to end up finally, as the Jamaican in …..



The Jamaican in Jamaica!


The Jamaican in Jamaica???
The Jamaican in Jamaica???

That’s right! Jamaica!

Huh??? What the —-

p.s. Returning to Jamaica for the first time since 1997, I chose to fly on Jamaica’s new privately-owned airline, Fly-Jamaica airlines! Only $197 for a one way ticket from JFK to Kingston! Had a chance to meet and chat for a bit with the CEO’s daughter (very nice!) and gave a few suggestions! Great service, quick flight! Great experience! Visit https://www.fly-jamaica.com

* For the record, as you see in the video, the much maligned and previously embarrassing Jamaican “applause-upon-landing” is now happily encouraged by the flight crew! Oh, well! It does add to the unique atmosphere of landing on Jamrock on the “national” airline! So, we’ll all have to get used to it!

Scrambled tofu revisited

In response to some questions, comments and concerns I received about yesterday’s How to Reverse Aging Facebook group invitation, let me say this about that:

1. First, it really was delicious, but since there isn’t a Facebook taste-your-screen app yet, you’ll just have to take my (and my guest’s) word for it.

2. I would consider that sort of meal more of an interim, transitional recipe for those who are new to being vegetarian and would like some of the comfort and familiarity that comes with replicating certain aspects of their current diet as they make the transition.

3. I personally haven’t had tofu scrambler or fakin’ bacon in about 10 years. These days (I’ve been vegan since 1992), I tend toward fresh, raw fruits and vegetables as much as possible, as you may recall from on my daily shopping excursions when I was in Xishuangbanna and Hainan, as covered in this special ChinaTravel.net profile and interview.

4. To read all of my health secrets, check out “Yesterday’s You! How to Reverse Aging using special foods, vitamins, supplements and a few little-known, secret practices

Cooking Scrambled Tofu in New York

Ky-mani Marley in Brooklyn, New York

I finally got out of the house to check out one of the concerts listed on my FreeSummerConcerts.com site. It was, none other than Ky-mani Marley!

From Wikipedia: Ky-mani is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist whose East African name means Adventurous Traveler. The only child of table tennis champion Anita Belnavis and reggae icon Bob Marley, Ky-mani Marley was born in Falmouth, Jamaica!

It was like back in my radio deejay days! A front row seat to see a Reggae icon!

That’s the money shot right there!

Videos will follow!

Jamaican in China….town!

Great things can happen when you have a famous actor turned producer as a friend. When we were at lunch a few weeks ago, my cool friend, Dan Shor, offered to shoot a few clips of me here in New York for me to use on my blog and to post on Youtube. Well, true to his word, Dan, fellow filmmaker Eric Norcross and I spent a few hours in Chinatown, New York City filming and freezing! Here’s the first Shodavision production of Jamaican in China(town)! Now,  my friends in China can see what Chinatown, New York looks like!

Youtube isn’t accessible from within China, so if you share this post, direct your Chinese friends to the video on my site  https://www.jamaicaninchina.com/video/jamaicaninchina_mar10_2012.mp4



Bangladeshi in Jamaica!!….um….

I’m walking down the street in Queens, New York, minding my own business….whistling a happy tune. I was on my way back from paying my utility bill. Usually, I would pay my bill online to avoid the lines, but decided to do things differently this time. So, like I said, here I am on a random street in New York City, a city I hadn’t planned on spending too much time in, a city that is home to 9 million people and other forms of interesting life, strolling at a random hour in the middle of the day, 8 thousand miles away from a little Pacific island I’ve called home for the past 6 years, and when I reach the corner of the block close to my apartment, I look up, and lo and behold, whom should I see walking perpendicular to my path, but Rabby Syed!

Who’s Rabby Syed, you ask? Why, shame on you! Rabby Syed is a business owner, activist and all-around nice guy who lives on Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands! I did a Saipan Tribune interview with Rabby a few months back when I was on Saipan.

We documented our fateful, fortuitous and fascinating meeting at the corner of 89th avenue, walked around town introducing him to things New York, and even took him to my favorite health food store, Queens Health Emporium where he encountered mock meats for the first time!

Rabby is actually here for serious business. Despite Newt Gingrich’s statements to the contrary regarding US policy when it comes to legal immigrants in the US, the contract workers on the island of Saipan are actually getting the short end of the stick as far as rights, and families are indeed being split apart by the recent takeover of Saipan’s immigration by the United States. Rabby is here–on his own limited funds and resources– to get the word out about what is happening on Saipan.

There are many terms and vocabulary related to status and permits that may not be familiar to those outside Saipan. However, those interested in understanding what is happening, may visit the Saipan Tribune website and search for the articles by lawyers Maya Kara and Bruce Mailman by searching for “lexmarianas.” 

Meanwhile, Rabby, welcome to Jamaica….um, Queens!

Question: “When did you realize you were a minimalist?”

Question: “Lady I” asked, “When did you realize you were a minimalist? I mean, I guess you’ve always been one, but when did you realize it?

My Answer:
Well, I can’t say I’ve always been a minimalist. Like anything else, I’ve had the capacity for it, but the fact is, I used to collect comic books when I was younger, and fancied having a huge collection. In addition, I collected vinyl records at one point–during my radio deejay years–and had about 3,000 of them I had to carry each time I moved. And, I had boxes containing 5,000 photographs taken throughout my life–the only things that can’t be replaced.

I’d say it’s been an evolution–a path. In the same way I believe that any true commitment to justice leads down the same path (Malcolm X reportedly said you can’t be anti-racism, and not eventually see the connection between capitalism and women’s rights, child labor, etc.), I believe, too, that any true commitment to health leads down the same path (veganism, raw food, anti-GMO, etc.) and any true commitment to freedom eventually leads to minimalism. You can’t truly be free attached to “stuff.”

In December of 2005, right after I had first heard about Saipan and decided to escape from America to that island, I had to make a decision about my comics and my records, and all the other “stuff” I had in my apartment. My comic books are in my friend Andrew’s garage somewhere in New York. My records found a home in New Jersey. (I guess, maybe it’s not true minimalism if I can reunite with them if I needed to, but I’m not actually responsible for them or lugging them around anymore as I explore the world.) Eventually, on the day that I gave up my apartment in Harlem, I left a lot of stuff in there for the superintendent of the building to do with as he pleased.

So, to answer your question, my minimalism really became activated as a prelude to my escape. It’s a necessary part of maintaining my freedom. The more stuff I have, the less free I am.

With albums digitized, and photographs scanned, the only thing I need is my laptop…..and a bottle of cayenne pepper! (taken in a hotel in China)

Now, at the same time, don’t mistake minimalism for scarcity or poverty. I still believe in abundance and prosperity. Someone once asked me how I can want a harem of femininity around me if I’m a minimalist? The two are not mutually exclusive. Minimalism is generally applied to the reduction of the accumulation of things, not relationships or experiences. (Stay tuned for a future post on the Freedom to Love Honestly!)

Hope that helps a bit.

Question: “If you’re in New York, why is it still ‘Jamaican in China’??? “

Actually, Andrea’s exact comment was:

“Hey, I love the look of your revised blog! More appealing. I understand you’re in the US at present. Are you still keeping the Jamaican in China headline because you’re planning to return there??”

My reply was:
Thanks! I thought about that. I can’t keep changing the blog title for every place I visit. So, whether it’s Laos, Singapore, Czech Republic or Italy, the blog will probably always be “Jamaican in China” for marketing reasons as well. It’s got a nice ring to it, and creates more of a compelling contrast to attract people’s attention. And yes, I definitely plan to go back as soon as possible and resume the adventure!

I’ve since update the title to be “Jamaican in China…and Beyond!”

56 Degrees in the Shade

No, it’s not Jamaica. The average temperature there is 85 F degrees.  It’s not Saipan. The average temperature there is 87 F degrees. And, it’s not Hainan, China or Laos, where tropical climates rule. No, this is New York City in February of 2012!

Yesterday was in the high forties, so I headed to the park to grab some sun and watch the South American guys playing football.

56 degrees in new york

Today is 56 degrees so far (with a high of 59 in the forecast!)! Today, I’m house-sitting for a friend in Long Island, and he’s got a southern exposure in his back yard! You have absolutely no idea how happy I am!

Walt in New York
I hope I can break a sweat!

What is Achievable Freedom? What is Jamaican in China?

What is Achievable Freedom a concept by Walt Goodridge

So, I’m putting all the pieces together to make 2012 a great year! If you’re on my PassionProfit.com subscriber list, you’re receiving one my newsletters. You can sign up to my mailing lists here. The “Achievable Freedom” concept essentially encourages you to create the life you want by acting on five freedoms:

1. The freedom to live on purpose.

2. The freedom to prosper.

3. The freedom to escape.

4. The freedom to love honestly, and

5. The freedom to age less. 

The Jamaican in  China blog you’re reading represents the “freedom to escape” component of the Achievable Freedom message, but also much more. The unexpected juxtaposition of the storyline of a Jamaican in China is a metaphor for the freedom to roam, the freedom to step outside the box of conventional thinking and lifestyle; the freedom to challenge boundaries; the freedom to overturn stereotypes. It’s the tried and true “fish out of water” theme of many successful hollywood movies. However, it’s not all about fun and games. It’s not intended to be just an entertaining read. My goal is to offer inspiration for you to act on any or all of the five freedoms.

So, there’s really no specific point to this little rant, except to say that as we move forward, I hope that you enjoy my adventures, and use them as a source of empowerment to create your own freedom in 2012 and beyond!

p.s. Oh, and by the way, as you know, I’m currently in New York City. However, it’s getting warmer here, and I’ve promised myself that I’ll be going outside more often. In fact, later today I’ll be hanging out with my friend, Ken. Ken was the fellow who introduced me to Saipan all those years ago! So, stay tuned for some Jamaican in New York excitement!