The secret to Usain’s success? I don’t think so…

An article on today’s website claims to be able to explain track star Usain Bolt’s speed using a mathematical model. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

Scientists, writing in the European Journal of Physics talk about body mass, air temperature, drag coefficients, and the aerodynamic shape of his body. It’s a nice little effort. (You can check out their findings here: And while it may explain WHAT is happening when Usain runs, it does little to explain WHY it happens. It does not explain why Jamaica produces so many world champions in track and field. For that, you’ll have to ask different questions unhampered by the linear-minded constraints most (but not all) scientists labor with.

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Several months ago, when I was in Beijing, I was contacted by Dr. Rachel Irving, co-author of Jamaican Gold who asked me to review her book. Within the pages of this fascinating book (read my review here:, is the secret that the UK scientists have overlooked; something they’d likely never consider; something that perhaps only Jamaican scholars would know to include as a critical factor….curious?….

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