Bill Clinton goes VEGAN! (Now we can hang out together!)


I heard about this through my free subscription to the newsletter. I think this is fantastic, that someone in the American public eye, with such influence and media clout is saying these things. I’ve always believed that one of the best ways to affect mass consciousness in the US would be to have a sitting president come right out and advocate for a paradigm shift in eating habits. This is probably the next best thing! It will have an effect on the continuing mainstreaming of being vegan even as the various industry councils mount their assault.

As a public service to help spread the word, I’ve created an mp4 video of the CNN interview you can download here
(You can see the original youtube video here:

In my opinion, the next steps in this trend should include these concepts as they relate to eating from a plant-based paradigm:

1. This is not a “diet.”
It’s sad that garbage and poisons are considered normal, while natural choices are considered a “diet” which implies a deviation from a norm in order to achieve a desired end.

2. This is not complicated.
We don’t need scientists in on this. You can be your own authority.

3. All we need is a definition of REAL FOOD that everyone can understand and apply.

I suggest to you, therefore, that
It’s time to grow up.
Just because something tastes good, doesn’t make it food.
Just because something can be eaten and swallowed, doesn’t make it food.
For those who need a biblical paradigm for this concept:
If it didn’t exist in the garden of Eden, it’s not natural and not meant to be consumed by humans.
Food is for nutrition, not just for taste. (In fact, some of us make our choices of what to eat for the nutritional benefit alone. It’s time to grow up.)

Here’s an idea that will help you come to a simple definition of food:
Let’s imagine you have a raw carrot. You put it into the ground. What happens? It grows, right? Now imagine you put that carrot into a pot of hot water, just for a quick minute, then change your mind and decide to put it back in the ground. What happens? (I’m aware some people may not intuitively know the answer to this, but you don’t need to have been raised on a farm to know.) The answer is it DOESN’T GROW. That means something fundamental about that carrot has changed. It’s no longer “alive.”

Now, comes the million dollar question: If you want to be healthy, which one of these two carrots do you think is better for your body? Is there any way you can believe that putting something “dead” into your body yields the same effects as putting something “raw and alive”?

Even a “quick” boil kills the life-creating properties of food. Sure, it may still have a smaller amount of minerals and vitamins left in it, but it is absolutely, positively, and hopefully intuitively not as healthy as it was before. It is now “less food” than it was before. Is the food you eat able to be planted and grown?

If your current choices can’t pass this simple test, you are not eating as healthfully as you could be.

No matter how much sunshine, water and good soil you lavish on a pizza that you’ve planted in the ground, it is not going to grow and produce more pizzas. Ergo, it is not real food.

I could go on and on. And in fact, I have! I wrote about this extensively in my book, The Ageless Adept: Perfect Health, Long Life and the Fountain of Youth by A. Seeker (a pen name)

p.s. Since Doctor Ornish was too wary of industry repercussions to actually say it, I will do him the favor by responding to the baited question by the CNN Commentator: YES! Human children should not be consuming the milk of
another species of animal.

Here’s another image for you:
You’re out in a grassy field with a herd of cows grazing in the distance. Wonderful scene isn’t it? Now picture yourself going down on all fours, walking over to a cow in that field, pushing aside the calf that’s suckling, and suckling at the mother cow’s teats. There should be something innately odd about that image. No other species of animal on the planet drinks the milk of another species. Dogs don’t suckle on cats. Rabbits don’t suckle on giraffes. It’s patently absurd.

p.p.s. Understandably, given the paradigm within US society, these changes may need to be made gradually, so as not to incur a dramatic backlash. However, this plant-based paradigm should not be touted as simply a cure for disease because then, those who don’t currently have any noticeable symptoms will feel the information doesn’t apply to them.
It’s so refreshing to hear these ideas on the mainstream media. However, as you can tell by the divisive and opinionated way the interviewer poses his questions:
“Are you saying children should not drink milk?”

“I take fish oil. Is that a bad idea?”

“dairy, chicken, meat,…the fun things in life”
and attempting to pit one guest against another, you can see that media reporting is often not about giving unbiased information, but about stirring controversy, confusion and conflict. Be careful.

Finally, Bill, now that you and I are on the same page, we can hang out together next time you’re in China! Sorry, I was, um “unavailable” last time.

FINAL THOUGHT: Now that Bill Clinton has stopped eating meat, I wonder if Monica Lewinsky has stopped eating presidents?

Coming Black to Asia? Brother, you have NO idea!

For months, I’ve been hinting and promoting and promising a “Black Privilege in China” post on this blog. Well, it’s finally time! It will be a chapter in the book Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum which includes blog posts as well as behind the scenes stuff, commentary and observations a bit too, let’s say, “potent” for the blog. This preview chapter will give you a sample. If you like it, you can order the full book (pdf, kindle, black & white paperback or color paperback) on my site or on Amazon using the links below: (To view all my books, see my author page on Amazon!)

Coming Black to Asia!
Tales of Black Privilege in China (and Beyond) plus
Walt’s primer on “Traveling While Black”
Coming Black to Asia? Brother, You Have NO idea! A curious and observant nomad dispels some myths, allays some fears and corrects some misperceptions of what “traveling while Black” in Asia really means. (An “Adults Only” teaser chapter from the book, Harlem to Hainan: Observations of a Jamaican in China by Walt F.J. Goodridge)

It’s time someone spoke out.

 This is a secret that has been kept for much too long.

 I’m going to speak in a frank and open way about a subject that many are afraid to discuss; a topic about which many are misguided, and of which many are simply unaware for many reasons including bias, ignorance or misinformation.

Yes, this chapter will share what I know about traveling while Black in Asia.

This chapter is for the enlightenment of all who are curious, but is specifically for the benefit of my Black brothers, fathers, sons, uncles and friends—particularly those living in the US—who have thought about traveling to other lands for fun, freedom, finances, fantasy or to chase a personal dream of one sort or another.

By sharing a few things I’ve experienced firsthand, seen happen to others, or been told about by women and men overseas, I hope to open a new vista, encourage new understanding and mold a new self-perception, and at the very least, offer what I find is a fascinating topic of conversation. Feel free to share this with everyone you know.




Kindle edition ($4.95):

Black & white ($16.95):

Full color edition ($42.95):

Here is the intro to that chapter:

After you read it, please return to this post and share your comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts!



This is important: 9/11 10th anniversary of When the Walls Came Down


A little fact probably unknown to my readers is that I published a book entitled When the Walls Came Down: a 9/11 Survivors View of Life in America. (click the link to download first chapter). In it, author Ken Greene chronicles his experiences on that day in 2001. Ken and I were acquaintances when I worked as a civil engineer in World Trade Center #1, and I can’t remember all the details, but we met some time after 2001 and I encouraged him to put his story into a book. He did, I helped format, edit and publish it, and today it stands as a unique account of one man’s experience. Here are a few reviews from the website.

“The author’s first-hand account of surviving and helping others survive the attack on the North Tower on 9/11 offer insights I have not read elsewhere. This in-and-of itself makes the book a fascinating read, but the author goes further….”[end]

Ken appears on CBS News to share his experiences
Ken Greene gives an honest, brutal account of not only what happened during those horrifying moments when the walls came down, but he goes further to discuss “politically incorrect” topics such as racism in America, election fraud, and the ills within our society that have created walls (globally) that should never have existed. Poignant, compelling, disturbing–and oh so enlightening!”[end]

I encourage you to check out Ken’s story, as we approach the 10th year since 9/11/2001.

THIS IS IMPORTANT because certain views previously thought to be “on the fringe” are becoming more mainstream. I predict there will be increased grassroots awareness that something about the official account of what happened on that day is terribly wrong.

The vegan trend: Jamaican in China speaks out

Being vegan in Laos from a few months ago

Check out what your favorite Jamaican in China (and Laos and Saipan) has to say about why veganism is catching on in this article from entitled Not a Flash in the Pan: Veganism making its mark as a lifestyle choice, not a short-term trend. is the leading online publication dedicated to providing demographic and psychographic intelligence about Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers, Matures, and more. It also covers the latest demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal data and trends by race, religion, gender, geographical location, educational attainment, health, household income, and more.;

The Funny Things That Customers Do: I reserve the right to refuse…

As a nomadpreneur, I conduct a large portion of my business on the internet. I have websites through which I offer products and services to a wide range of markets.

I was listening, the other day, to a radio broadcast that was discussing the effect that technology has had on human interaction. A fascinating phenomenon of the internet is how it has changed many people’s communication styles. With no need to meet and interact face to face with the person they are emailing, many people have devolved to very crass, rude, inappropriate and offensive ways of speaking to each other. With their identities masked by anonymity, many people feel empowered to insult,  ridicule, curse and assume a combative postures in their communications with other human beings–in ways that would be unthinkable were they actually in the physical presence of the person with whom they are communicating.

Case in point. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I own and maintain a website called, through which–as the name suggests–I offer listings of all the free concerts happening in New York City each summer. Registration to the site is free.

Yesterday, a visitor to my site (“Rbish”) used the online form to sign up for the listings and added the following comment:

You guys suck big time! You post some corny ass ethiopian concert but you dont post the Nas/Damien Marley concert? You suck!

You should note, for the record, that the Nas/Damien Marley concerts he’s referring to are NOT free concerts but part of a national tour.*

Here is my reply to “Rbish”


Dear Rbish,

While I’m thankful for your feedback about my site, you should be aware that your style of communication and choice of words is unacceptable. I only serve adults who know how to conduct themselves according to commonly agreed-upon standards of polite behavior.

Despite what you’ve been led to believe about your rights of free speech, your CHOICE to speak in the way you choose DOES have consequences. You do not have the option of acting rudely AND also expect to be served graciously–if at all.

Therefore, you will not be added to my freesummerconcerts list. Unless you register under a different email account (which, of course, you are free to do unless I block your IP address too), you will not receive my weekly listings of concerts because your current email address has been flagged and banned from my system.


Walt Goodridge

owner of the site

*It is my own adherence to certain rules of polite interaction that prevented me from responding to Rbish “what part of “FREE summer concerts” is giving you difficulty?”  (I thought it, but I didn’t write it!)

So, the bottom line is this: When you are in my domain (pun intended), you will behave yourself according to rules of common decency.


p.s. To read more of the funny things that customers do, and my responses, see these archived articles:

As you read these three accounts above–specifically #2 and #3–you may encounter what appears to be a contradiction as pointed out by a faithful reader. The story in item #3 recounts one of my very first forays into doing business in the music industry. I hadn’t developed my set of standard practices. It turned out that in this case, that having a contract proved fortuitous since the fellow in question was a “ne’er do well” who needed state court encouragement to “do well.” As I grew, both in experience, and in personal philosophical conviction, I developed the avoidance of contracts.


…not to impress you, but to impress upon you….the importance of dreaming big!

Here are some recent happenings with two of my books:

Chun Yu Wang on Saipan
Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan (which I co-authored with Chinese national, Chun Yu Wang), is being used as a suggested text for a Women’s Studies course at California State University in Fullerton, CA. This is the third such use I am aware of. The first was for a Denison University Women’s Studies program, the second was for a French textbook company. There may be others, since there’ve been other large quantity orders through my wholesaler, and through Amazon which may also have been for educational purposes, or maybe even book clubs–no way to tell for sure.)

Arthur Wylie Only the Crazy and Fearless Win Big
An excerpt from my book, Turn Your Passion Into Profit, is being used in a new book by Arthur Wylie (with Brian Nicol) entitled Only the Crazy and Fearless Win Big! I’ve read the chapter on passion, and it’s pretty inspiring. According to the preview: In Only the Crazy and Fearless Win BIG!, he shares a little secret that few books discuss — to win big you have to be fearless and, sometimes, even a little crazy. Wylie outlines real-world examples from some of history and present-day’s most well-known names and everyday entrepreneurs in every industry, profession, and segment of the economy. Only the Crazy and Fearless Win BIG! shows how their decisions raised eyebrows, dropped jaws, and met resistance— yet proved to be right.”

The book is due out in January.Check out Arthur’s site at, where you can pre-order.

So, why do I share this with you? Well, not to impress you, but to impress upon you what’s possible when you follow your passion, and what’s possible when you dream big. These frequent  acknowledgements and validation (and the money from sales!) I receive, are the reward for finding my purpose as a “guru,” following my passion as a writer, creating products that are expressions of that passion, and marketing them for profit and prosperity…all while helping others achieve their dreams as well. As a result, I get the personal sense of fulfillment that comes from seeing my work appreciated and shared with others, and I enjoy the freedom to escape my previous life and live true to my self in a way and in a location that makes me happy. Anyone can do it, but it all starts with daring to dream something different–something bigger–for yourself. Finding it difficult? Well, perhaps all you need is permission.


As I wrote in an email just a few days ago to a coaching client, and special person in my life who was finding it challenging to reconcile her dreaming  with what she felt she was entitled to:

” ‘Reba’,
You have MY permission to dream and dream big. Go ahead, It’s okay. I want to know what your big dreams look, feel and taste like. Do it for me. I’m very curious. You deserve to share in all the abundance that the universe has to offer.  There are no other requirements to fulfill. You already qualify. As a child of the divine, of the universe, of God, if you will, there is nothing that  exists that you cannot have access to.  There is no definition and identity that you cannot adopt. It’s all yours by birthright. You are entitled to it because of your existence separate and apart from your learned identity and limitations hereon the planet. All of that is just a construct we need to practice stepping outside of.”

“There are no limits, no practical considerations, there is just desire and imagination. What would you attempt, if you knew you could not fail? What would you create, if everything you needed for its creation would be guaranteed you? What would you desire if “how” was not a part of the equation? What would your ideal life look like? You are not being asked to build. You are only being asked to envision and design. The truth is, “how” is none of your business. The universe always provides the “how” as you’ve already discovered for yourself. Your task is simply to dream. Animals don’t shy away from the food they need to survive and thrive. They seek it out. Plants don’t shy away from the sun, nor their roots from the water they need to grow and expand. They seek it out. The dreams of who you are are like the seeking of the food, sunlight and water you need for your fullest expression. Go for it. Do it.” [end of email]


Yes, sometimes you have to be fearless and crazy, but life rewards those who dare to dream of something more.


Happier Abroad: Isn’t it a pity how most people want their slavery and feel empty without it?

“Isn’t it a pity how most people want
their slavery and feel empty without it?”

That’s a quote from the website. I came across the site while checking my tracker statistics, when I noticed that someone on that forum had posted a link to one of my Saipan sites in a discussion about dating abroad.

The site focuses more on the social and dating side of being happier abroad. It has a lot of information and perspectives of many other aspects of life and happiness, and mirrors what a lot of people I meet on this side of the world are saying about their former lives back home.

That particular quote (“Isn’t it a pity how most people want their slavery and feel empty without it?”), is something Happier Abroad founder, Winston Wu, wrote to me during an email correspondence about his essay on true freedom on his site. Check it out!

Music Matters: Reggae Music and The Jamaican in China!

For reasons I’ve yet to fully comprehend, I LOVE playing music for people. It all started back in college when I took over the reins of the “Caribbean Riddims” radio show from then host, Courtney Munroe.  For the next five years, I was known as “Sir Walt” the Reggae Deejay on WKCR-FM’s Thursday night show. (I eventually renamed the show “Reggae Riddims”) I shopped around New York’s many Reggae stores to find the latest and greatest music to play for my audiences. I get a unique thrill knowing that I’m introducing people to music they can listen to, think about, learn from and yes, even dance to.  The best calls I would receive during my shows would begin with the words, “Wow! What was the name of that song you just played…?” or “Where can I get that song you played last week?”

Of course, I consider myself very blessed to have been born Jamaican. Growing up in the country that created Reggae music was and continues to be a treat beyond compare.  At the time I was growing up in Jamaica, we had two radio stations–RJR and JBC–Radio Jamaica and Redifusion, and Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, respectively. On any given day, you could hear soul, calypso, US country music, Jazz and more all one right after the other all on the same station. Even if you didn’t have a short wave radio, like I did, you could pick up Spanish broadcasts from Cuba, which is only 90 miles north of Jamaica. Oddly enough, because of the early reputation of Reggae on the island of Jamaica itself, there was actually a time that it got harder to hear Reggae on Jamaican radio! Yes, it’s true! However, the rise of Reggae’s international appeal–thanks to artists like Bob Marley–changed that.

In any event, I’ll speak more about music matters as time goes on, but the reason this all came up, is that I recently realized that my FreeSummerConcerts website is actually an online manifestation of that same passion for sharing music. It takes a slightly different form, but every summer, I compile a list of all the free music concerts taking place in my former “home” of New York City, and I present it on my site and to my mailing list (14,000 people at last count).

Furthermore, it seems my two former lives (radio deejay and New York resident) just converged this week, when I noticed that Reggae artist, Maxi Priest would be performing in New York on Thursday, August 4!

So, in sending out this week’s FreeSummerConcerts mailing to my subscriber list , I searched through my old photo collection and added the following preface (blue) to this week’s concert listing:


[Dear Summerconcert subscribers],
This is one week when I’d LOVE to be back in New York with you! Aretha Franklin is performing, and Maxi Priest is coming to town! For those of you who didn’t know,(and that would be all of you), I used to be a radio deejay on WKCR-FM, New York. I had a show called “Reggae Riddims” as “Sir Walt.”As such, I got to interview great Reggae performers, and got free tickets to attend concerts, meet the artists backstage and duringrehearsals and more! I was the first deejay on New York radio to play Maxi Priest’s debut album, and had a chance to grab some shotsway, way, way back in the day! So, finally, all these years later, I get to scour through my recently digitized collection of 4,800 photos to find a fewshots to share with you!

British artist, Pato Banton, Maxi Priest and Me in Central Park (early 90’s I believe)

Freddie McGregor and Maxi at rehearsal before a concert at Radio City Music Hall

Front row seat shot of Maxi letting his hair down for the crowd!

Maxi Priest performs this Thursday in New York City

WHEN: Thursday, August 4, 2011, 12:00 PM(NOON)

ARTIST/EVENT: Maxi Priest!

WHERE: BAM MetroTech Commons, the corner of Flatbush and Myrtle Avenues in Downtown Brooklyn. (BROOKLYN)
Could someone please film it and post to youtube?

So, the point is: I’ve got years of stories to tell, photos to share, lyrics to translate, bootleg recordings to play (I never destroy or delete anything), so I’ll be sharing more of my passion for ALL TYPES of music right here on the Jamaican in China blog..(after all, I promised you Reggae music as well as everything else as part of I want to date a Jamaican in China!”, so here’s where I deliver), because….music matters!