This is important: 9/11 10th anniversary of When the Walls Came Down


A little fact probably unknown to my readers is that I published a book entitled When the Walls Came Down: a 9/11 Survivors View of Life in America. (click the link to download first chapter). In it, author Ken Greene chronicles his experiences on that day in 2001. Ken and I were acquaintances when I worked as a civil engineer in World Trade Center #1, and I can’t remember all the details, but we met some time after 2001 and I encouraged him to put his story into a book. He did, I helped format, edit and publish it, and today it stands as a unique account of one man’s experience. Here are a few reviews from the website.

“The author’s first-hand account of surviving and helping others survive the attack on the North Tower on 9/11 offer insights I have not read elsewhere. This in-and-of itself makes the book a fascinating read, but the author goes further….”[end]

Ken appears on CBS News to share his experiences
Ken Greene gives an honest, brutal account of not only what happened during those horrifying moments when the walls came down, but he goes further to discuss “politically incorrect” topics such as racism in America, election fraud, and the ills within our society that have created walls (globally) that should never have existed. Poignant, compelling, disturbing–and oh so enlightening!”[end]

I encourage you to check out Ken’s story, as we approach the 10th year since 9/11/2001.

THIS IS IMPORTANT because certain views previously thought to be “on the fringe” are becoming more mainstream. I predict there will be increased grassroots awareness that something about the official account of what happened on that day is terribly wrong.