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A Saipan Soudelor memoir

Back on sunny Saipan after a stint in New York, so here’s a bit of catch-up! Saipan author, Riza Oledan-Ramos and I just recently published a book entitled Drinking Seawater: of storms and survival. It is Riza’s account of her experience during Typhoon Soudelor that hit Saipan on August 2-3, 2015. At one point, during the height of the storm, she and her entire family had to flee their apartment and were outside in the 150-mph winds! It’s an amazing story!

After a recent recognition ceremony at the Governor’s conference room on Capitol Hill, Saipan Tribune reporter, Jon Perez interviewed Riza and me about the book and gave a great review


Sharing my reasons for co-writing/editing with Riza (photos by Ferdinand Ramos)


Riza explains passages in the book while co-author and coach Walt looks on


Author being interviewed


Interviewing Ferdinand, Riza’s husband and Soudelor co-survivor

Drinking Seawater is available at Bestseller Bookstore here on Saipan,  through Riza’s website, and on Amazon.

Congratulations to Riza on a great read! Thanks to Jon Perez for a great review in the Tribune. Thanks also to Zaldy Dandan, editor of the Marianas Variety, for his pre-publication input and his great editorial review in the Variety.



riza2Sharing another Saipan-specific product: Saipan Now!

My miserable life!

Funny stuff!
my miserable life
“Look, we’re SORRY. If we had known you were going to be a writer, we’d have been better parents!”

The ironic truth, of course, is that it’s precisely because of her family’s dysfunction that she now has a story to tell and is responsible for molding her into the writer she has become.

With that said, I invite you to join me in a conversation about a way of seeing the world that you can use to live true to your self in spite of–or because of–your miserable life?

Available in multiple formats:

Living True to Your Self
Reclaim your power! Break free! Live Your dream!
by Walt F.J. Goodridge
The “Living True to Your Self” philosophy explains the unique belief system, and worldview that empowered me to break free, reclaim my power, escape the New York rat race, run off to a tropical island in the Pacific, find my place in the world and live true to my self! Use it to create your own dream life!
(216 pages; 6″ x 9″; ISBN: 978-0983580812) Read more at www.livingtruetoyourself.com

Order in your favorite format:

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What Australian Scott Donald said about the Jamaican in China will make you….

Like any good book reviewer, Scott Donald, the Australian founder of the Hungry Feet blog, is honest about his reading experience. So, I was a bit apprehensive about what he would say when he read a review copy of Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum: The Jamaican in China!, the blog-to-book, behind-the-scenes, blooper-and-outtake, parental-advisory version (nothing too salacious, really) paperback version of the Jamaican in China blog.

Well, the nail-biting wait is over. The review is in, and, I’d like you to head on over to Scott’s blog to check it out and let me know what you think.

First, however, in my never ending quest to manipulate you with completely biased, one-sided, often Jamaican-centric interpretations of life through the power of carefully-chosen words, I shall now provide a few slightly edited excerpts from Scott’s review. If any of these titillate, tantalize, terrify, entertain or enrage you enough, do the right thing and check out the full review on Scott’s blog

(I’ve had to take some lessons in creative editing from the recent US presidential elections in order to offer you, the public, compelling soundbites to further my hidden agenda.)

“Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum’ is a…. dirty little blighter.”

“.Walt Goodridge is..a stereotype….”

“Goodridge is….wandering the streets…”

“Goodridge… travels… pants off…”

Goodridge seeks…a moral compass…”

Of course, Goodridge is…less than…..”

Goodridge is a…blood flowing…voyeur…”

And, so that Scott won’t accuse me of taking ALL of his words out of context, I’ll end with this quote from his review, which needs no editing whatsoever:

“….I was rooting for the author the whole time. The man can write. He is a very likeable guy and author with a wicked sense of humour.

Well, that does seem to be at least TWO things I agree with Scott about. However, before you start the petition against him, check out the blog and read for yourself exactly what he said and if, perhaps, I might have taken some of those words a bit out of context. hee hee

Click here to view Scott’s blog

Don’t forget, there’s also a
full-color version of the book on Amazon

Doing it Dexter Style (pg 154): Scientific, “Newtonian” proof that relationships are not meant to last

Turning your passion into profit, living true to your self, achieving freedom, and nomadpreneuring are all about living the life of your dreams. Of course, for many of us, our intimate relationships are a part of those dreams. In order to achieve the sort of satisfying relationships you dream of, it is important to recognize that a new paradigm is required. According to “If you want to be my girlfriend…” featuring Dexter Style:

the goal is to honestly express the self, and enter into relationships based on standards and choice, in which honesty is encouraged, freedom results, and pleasure and happiness are maximized. In such a paradigm:

standards = clarity

Clarity = choice

choice= compatibility

exchange = equivalence

honesty = health

endings = evolution

evolution = happiness

The following is a specific excerpt on endings

Scientific, “Newtonian” proof that relationships are not meant to last

“Compromise is the friction that slows a relationship.
Passivity is the gravity that pulls it down.”

Okay here’s “scientific” proof that relationships aren’t meant to last. It’s a fact of scientific knowledge that nothing in the universe stays the same. In other words, things are either increasing or decreasing, expanding or contracting. Stars explode and expand, and then contract into black holes. Even the very solid and permanent chair you’re sitting on, or, perhaps, the very solid e-reader you’re using to read this, is actually decaying and falling apart. It’s tending toward failure. It’s on a trend towards decay.
Now, according to Newton’s First Law of Motion:

An object at rest tends to stay at rest, and
an object in motion tends to stay in motion,
unless acted upon by an outside force.

A practical illustration of this is that an apple on the ground, tends to stay on the ground. An apple thrown into the air would continue to go upward, but it is “acted upon” by the force of gravity, and is eventually pulled back to earth. A car pushed into motion would continue to move forward, but is acted upon by the force of friction of the engine, axles, wind resistance, and/or the friction of the tires on the pavement.

Now, you might not like to think of your relationship as an object that is subject to the laws of Newtonian physics, but it does apply. In other words:

A relationship at rest tends to stay at rest, and
a relationship in motion tends to stay in motion,
unless acted upon by an outside force.

Like the apple, even if your relationship is trending upwards, at some point it will peak and level off because of the inevitable and natural forces that exist in our finite universe. The Kybalion’s Principle of Rhythm, the concept of Yin and Yang, and other universal truths support this.

Even if it plateaus and levels off, you’re not really out of danger. Since nothing can stay the same, leveling off, “plateauing” or staying the same, is actually equivalent to declining. Don’t believe me? Let me give you an example….

For more, download a preview chapter and order the paperback here: “If you want to be my girlfriend…”

This book has been re-titled: Masculinity 2.0

Announcing: Jamaican in China! a radiation-free experience!

JAMAICAN IN CHINA! An old-fashioned, radiation-free, “no technology required” experience like no other!

In 2011, I returned to Saipan after spending six months in China, Laos and Singapore! It was an adventure the memories of which will last a lifetime!

After following the adventure on my blog, a few people wanted it have it all in book format. So, I created Kindle and Nook versions.

However, that wasn’t enough! They wanted a paperback copy to carry around with them and to share with their friends who didn’t have those “new-fangled” Kindles or Nooks.

Other people wanted it in paperback so they could re-live the adventure while relaxing on the beach or in the park away from radiation-emitting computer screens and technology. They simply wanted to enjoy immersing themselves in a fun story the old-fashioned way: by turning pages and feeling the weight of a real book in their hands.

Well, I can deny them (and you) no longer!

Therefore, as of just a few minutes ago, on the Amazon.com website (or directly from me), you can get the 340 fun-filled, fact-focussed, freedom-fostering pages of my 6-month Jamaican in China experience in Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum, THE PAPERBACK BOOK!


340 PAGES! (THICK!) 7″ x 10″ SIZE! (HUGE!)
Your coffee-table awaits!

(Many never-before-seen)


(with tons of insights and world view explanations from my Chinese friends!)

THE 2009 ADVENTURE! “The Prequel”
(My first trip to China in 2009!)

(YES, I’ve thought of everything!)

IMPORTANT: Make sure you order the version you want. There is a color version (1) and a black & white version (2).

Jamaican in China!
Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum
by Walt F.J. Goodridge
Follow my amazing six-month nomad adventure through Beijing, Kunming, Xishuangbanna and Hainan in the People’s Republic of China, along with stints in Singapore and Laos! See Asia like you’ve never seen it before–through the eyes and experiences of a nomadic, minimalist vegan Jamaican vagabond (that would be me!) With tons more never-before-published stories, bloopers, and photographs of my nomadpreneur life in China! (340 pages; 7″ x 10″; ISBN: 978-1478326892)

Download full 340page/66mb ebook!

Order in your favorite format:

Color: ISBN: 1478327413

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*Amazon price may vary
*FYI: Full color is so expensive to print that at Amazon’s price of $49.99, I only make $5 profit from this price! So, you can order direct from Amazon’s print-on-demand warehouse to add a few dollars to the author’s pocket! (If that matters to you, of course!) :-) or order from me directly!

The world’s greatest book review…..um, if you’re Walt Goodridge

Someone recently accused me of having a “self-fluffing ego.” Um, the truth is, my ego needs quite a bit of external fluffing, actually. Self-fluffing, like other forms of auto-stimulation, simply don’t do it for me. Plus, I’ve heard it can lead to blindness. On a serious note, though, and speaking of a great ego-boosting way to start the day, I’ll share the following review of Turn Your Passion Into Profit just posted on Amazon!

I’m writing this review of Walt Goodridge’s “Turn Your Passion Into Profit” to post on Amazon.com, after receiving my paperback copy of it. You can get it at his website: https://www.passionprofit.com

I recently received my paperback copy of Walt Goodridge’s “Turn Your Passion Into Profit” book. I must say it was better than I expected. The book is easy to read, fun, interesting, witty, inspiring, motivating and makes you see things in a way you never thought of before. It’s not just a how-to guide, but a transformation in consciousness. As you read it, you feel inspired – like suddenly you feel and sense a world of possiblities you never knew existed. This is the kind of book that is priceless. It’s not just a book, it’s like an “experience”, one that you have to sit down and go through to understand what I mean.

Goodridge truly has a gift of teaching and guiding in this area. He takes a difficult, complex and broad subject and handles it like a master, using simplicity and elegance to convey his teachings and guidance in this area with everyday layman’s terms. I’m quite impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me.

While reading this book, it seems apparent that Goodridge was made for this role, kind of like how people say that David Carradine was made for the Kwai Chang Kane role in the “Kung Fu” series, and Kevin Costner was made for his role in “Dances with Wolves”. Likewise, Walt Goodridge was made for this guru type role of teaching people how to turn their passions into portable businesses one can live off of. In doing so, he has not just written a practical how-to guide, but shows you how you can transform your consciousness to another level, where you are better able to manifest your wishes and desires. I think this is important, and what other books about starting your own business lack.

You see, for the law of attraction to work for you, and for the universe to begin helping you, you’ve got to operate from a higher plane of consciousness which allows it all to come into possibility. True change begins within, and that’s where Walt starts. That’s what makes this book special compared to others. I know that might sound a bit New Ageish, but it’s true. I’ve experienced this in my own life, as a successful self-employed “Passionpreneur” myself, so I know what it takes to become one.

Walt is one of the few gifted writers who understands this inner transformation one must go through to change one’s life, because he too, has had to undergo a transformation in consciousness in order to live a life of freedom, authenticity and abundance. You see, changing your life is more than just about doing practical how-to steps in the physical world. One must move from a state of being locked in fear and limitation into one of abundance, possibility. That requires a transformation in consciousness, for true freedom begins in the mind. At that point, the inner change will manifest into the outer.

Walt has a gift for helping people in this area. He was tailor made for this role. This book is his best work. And it’s a MUST HAVE for sure. I tend to be very skeptical and cynical about things, so for me to praise something, it’s gotta be really good for sure. And this book definitely fits the bill.

Every page is filled with motivation and wisdom which helps you to discover yourself, your true potential, who you really are, and how you can awaken to an empowering truer, more meaningful and more authentic life. I liked how Walt used analogies from the film “Shawshank Redemption” with Morgan Freeman, a great masterpiece film, and explained how the lessons from it apply to our lives.

After corresponding with him, I would say that Walt is one of the most awakened people I’ve ever talked to. While most people in the world are energy leeches and vampires who suck the energy out of you, Walt is one of the few that radiate energy and give it to help others, for he draws his from some “cosmic source” of abundance, rather than from ego or illusion. That makes him a lot more authentic than most people I’ve met.

You’ve all heard the saying, “Do what you love. The money will follow.” Well this book is the epitome of that. Once you read it, you will understand more than ever the wisdom behind that saying. It’s true in more ways than you might think. You see, if you only live to work, then you don’t have a true purpose in life. The most authentic lifestyle is to follow your passion, and make a living while doing that. That is the TRUE way to live true to yourself and live freely. This book will help you do that, in many ways.

So anyway, if you are tired of living a robotic life working for others as a slave to make a living, and looking for other alternatives and answers, then get this book. It’s inexpensive and priceless. It is truly life changing and transformative, as well as a masterpiece work of inspiration. Even if you’ve already begun your journey of awakening, this book will help bridge the gap between your new awakening and the steps you can take to manifest your inner changes into your everyday life that will allow you to live in freedom, abundance, authenticity and passion.

If that sounds like you, then this book could be the catalyst that marks the turning point in your life, and the next stage in your evolution of being as well.

Thanks for reading my review which comes straight from the heart.



Winston Wu

Author of Happier Abroad


WOW! Thanks, Winston! It doesn’t get any better than that! Check out Winston’s 90,000 visit per month site at HAPPIERABROAD.COM )

All my books are here: https://www.waltgoodridge.com/books

“If you want to be my girlfriend…” Chapter 4 first page

Here’s a first page preview of Chapter 4 of If you want to be my girlfriend. The anonymous author may be someone you know, but I can’t reveal who he is!


CHAPTER 4: Why do I love?
Because we structure or allow others to structure our relationships in ways that contradict what we really want.

I love because I want:

Feminine energy



Visual stimulation

Ego boost

Personal growth

What I don’t have

“I feel like there’s no place for me in your life,” my Thai girlfriend said to me with a sigh.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Well, it’s like you don’t really need me,” she continued. “You can cook for yourself. You don’t let me clean your apartment. I feel like there’s nothing I can do for you.”

“Well, it’s nice that you want to do those things for me, sweetie. However, there’s nothing you need to do for me. I want you around because you’re a woman. That’s something I can’t do for myself. Just show up. I like your energy. I like the way you think, and it’s okay if you just come over and we talk. That’s enough.”

Why are people unhappy?

It’s obvious to me that the cause of relationship unhappiness is that people make promises that are inconsistent with their true selves, their wiring or their will. As a result…[READ MORE]

Want more? Download the introduction and entire first chapter, or order the paperback, pdf, kindle or nook at www.DexterStyle.com


UPDATE: This book was re-titled: Masculinity 2.0


Life Rhymes….Reloaded! Re-live the magic!

Where were YOU and what were YOU doing between 1997 and 2006??? If you weren’t among the 20,000 people on the world famous “Walt’s Friday Inspirations” mailing list, then you missed out on something truly amazing! But, don’t worry! through the magic of technology, you can now sign up to receive the “just like it was” weekly email of these timeless Life Rhymes! Yes, Life Rhymes timeless! Life Rhymes show up in your life just when you need them like MAGIC! And, now,, Life Rhymes are back…RELOADED!! And you can experience them in 2012! Trust me, and trust the testimonials of 20,000 people who experienced them before, they’re more fun and amazing when they show up in your email inbox each week! So, sign up! And, if you prefer, they’ve also been compiled into a beautiful coffee table, bedside inspiration, dinner guest conversation piece book! Click here to see more, and to sign up! It’s absolutely free!


How to start a digital record label (HipHopBusinessPlan.com)

A few people have stumbled upon my hiphopbiz.com website while searching for “How to start a digital record label.” So, for those searching to make 2012 their year to follow their Hip Hop or other music industry passion, I’ll direct you to an essay I wrote entitled “The Record Label of the Future” which is included in The Hip Hop Entrepreneur Record Label Business plan. Hope this proves helpful

Here’s what someone said about the information contained:

“I bought your business plan when I realized I had an interested investor and it made me do something I’d never done before. FLESH OUT ALL THE DETAILS! I haven’t even finished the plan and have gotten the a-ok on the finances! 6 figures! My plan is edgy so I had to alter a couple things but it was a great template. The stats you found fit our objectives exactly! They were up to date and cited with references. As I sit here chunking out the last few details and financial report (and Yes I used that calculator feature at least 20 times today), I’m here to say there is no equal for your business plan. Keep your fingers crossed, its time for me to save hip-hop!” — -Sir (formerly Sir Reigns)

hip hop record label business plan

“It’s like a new genre, sort of like a reality travel guide!”

I’ve sold a lot of books since I began writing in 1992. Several years ago, I computed that I’d sold close to 3/4 of million dollars in books. And while my passion for writing and sharing information has not waned, and while there’s still a thrill about receiving a check in the mail, or that familiar email notification of a sale, the difference is that the sale of the first copy of a new book doesn’t have the same first time feel it once did.

That changed a few days ago when I made my first sale of Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum on the Nook platform! I couldn’t quite put my finger on why it felt a little different. After all, I’d already done a somewhat similar book with Jamaican on Saipan. I’ve also sold Nook (and Kindle) copies of other books. So, why was this sale any different?

Here’s what a friend of mine said about the book: “It’s like a new genre of ‘reality travel guide!” It’s got adventure, danger, mystery, humor and romance just like those fictional stories set in real destinations, except yours is actually real life, with the photos to prove it, AND I can still learn a lot about the country, too!” 

She added that it showed that the purchaser had a more personal interest in me. She suggested that they didn’t necessarily buy it to learn how to start a business, or launch a website, or to learn something for their benefit, but to learn about me, as an individual.

That was really cool! If true, I guess it might explain in part why that first sale felt a little different. I agree that there’s more of me in this book than any previous. I’ve taken more chances and revealed more about who I think I am. However, I’m still not quite sure if that’s the reason, but something about having my blog adventures occupying someone’s Nook e-reader felt a little different.  What’s your opinion? Why would this sale be any different from those before? In any event, it’s reason to celebrate. Break open the sparkling apple cider, and time for lunch, perhaps, at my favorite vegetarian spot here in New York! See you later!


Book version of Jamaican in China blog NOW available for Kindle/Nook! ($2.99 introductory offer!)

CORRECTION: After doing a test-launch of the new book on Amazon’s site, I discovered that due to the huge file size of this book Amazon prevents me from selling it at $0.99 as originally intended. Even splitting it into two volumes doesn’t work. Therefore, the lowest price possible $2.99!
Now available for Kindle

Now available for Nook (in two parts)!

Don’t have a Kindle or Nook?: order regular, ol’ ebook at a Kindle price and download immediately!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum, available NOW!! (“Like” me on facebook to be notified of updates!)

January 1, 2012–China: Join nomadpreneur, minimalist, vegan, author Walt F.J. Goodridge as he occupies Justin Bieber’s Beijing, Selena Gomez’ Shanghai, Rebecca Black’s Xishuangbanna, Kardashian’s Kunming, and Herman Cain’s Hainan, proving–as the consummate marketer–that he’s not above throwing in the top ranked keyword search terms in his press releases in order to attract attention for his already compelling blog to book release, Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum

Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum is a humorous, hellacious, insightful, instructional, fun, fascinating, yet oddly functional all-in-one reality show travel guide blog book lifestyle primer chronicling Goodridge’s adventures in China, Laos, Singapore and Saipan. You can visit his award-nominated blog’s archives, but THE BOOK….ahhh! The BOOK, my friends is where the action is! It’s even better than the blog! Really!

In the book, you get what is essentially a “Behind the Scenes” “Bloopers” and “The Making of The Jamaican in China blog” all rolled into one, including:

•Over 600 full-color, many never-before-published photographs! That’s right, 635 in all!!

•  Edited and expanded blog posts

• Deleted scenes & out-takes too controversial for the blog

• Commentary from Walt’s circle of friends, advisors and enemies

• Dating advice from Chinese men AND women!

• “Grown-ups only” material

• The full “Coming Black to Asia/Travelling While Black” Manifesto

• The secret origins of Walt’s nomad-inspired Coffeepot Cookbook!


Yes, there’s something to APPEAL to everyone! Walt is a Jamaican-born, US University-schooled, Spanish speaking, single, minimalist, vegan, nomad bachelor in China who quotes Willie Nelson, Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt and Bob Marley in his blog as he offers survivalist cooking tips and dating strategies, fights crime and promotes freedom, dates cross-culturally, crossing borders, cracking stereotypes, breaking hearts, winning friends and influencing people (meeting fellow travelers from Norway, Russia, Myanmar, Guyana, Italy), living and spreading his philosophy of “freedom, function and fun” while making money as a nomadpreneur throughout Asia, while motivating and inspiring others through his prose, poetry and presence to do the same!” It doesn’t get more widespread in appeal than this! If you want a slice of this cultural pie, then why not look at asia travel as well? You’ll be full up with amazing sites and sounds in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

What’s even better (for selling books, that is) is that if you take this stuff too seriously, there’s bound to be something offensive for just about everyone, too:

• Yes, his thoughts on “Germ Theory in China” may offend you if you’re Chinese!

• His thing for interracial dating may offend a few skinheads!

• His “How to Meet Girls in Beijing” may offend feminists!

• His take on “Traveling While Black” may offend entire continents of people!

• And even the world’s innocent little children have something to be offended about with his irreverent parody of Dr Seuss’ beloved and iconic Cat in the Hat! (To answer your question: “Um, no, nothing is sacred!)


So, if you’ve ever asked yourself…

“Can a single, minimalist, vegan, Jamaican author and nomadpreneur escape the rat race, reinvent his life, live true to himself, find love, happiness, organic food, but more importantly, an apartment with a kitchen, sunshine and a wi-fi connection in China without paying the ultimate price…the foreigner’s price?”

(and who among us hasn’t asked ourselves that at some point in our lives? Admit it.)

…then you can NOW discover the full, potent, unadulterated, undiluted, non-dairy, wheat & gluten-free answer for yourself in the Nookified and Kindleized edition of Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum: The Jamaican in China!! and own a copy on your Kindle (or Nook) for ever and ever and to lend freely to friends and family!

IMPORTANT: To help Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum break into the Amazon Kindle bestseller charts, we need to have as many sales as possible on the SAME DAY! So, please share this with as many people as possible, and do your budget planning to have your $2.99 ready to place your order within the 24 hours of January 1, 2012!!

Here’s a little preview of some of the fun:


Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum?

So, what do you think? Me and Lucy Liu in the starring roles, plus Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh as the Chinese parents; Tell them all I’m casting now!


Available for your new e-reader! (Including Kindles, Nooks and through Smashwords! Join the list using the form on the left, or simply “like” me on the facebook page to the right, to be notified of future updates!


Video inside a “Kardashian” sweatshop garment factory with Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin video

Click on image to watch a this video filmed by Chinese workers inside an actual garment factory/sweatshop: 


“If you happen to be in the United States, you don’t have to go all the way to third world countries [or to China] to find the factories commonly referred to as ‘sweatshops.’ As recently as about 30 months ago, garment factories were operating right on US soil in….”  Thus began my answer to a question posed recently on Yahoo Answers.

A visitor to the Yahoo site asked, “What do modern day sweatshops look like? The new Kardashian controversy is, in some sense, helping to turn many people’s attention to the ongoing situation that occurs all over the world.

I was able to do my own part in increasing awareness through being the “as told to” author of Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl by Chun Yu Wang… a book which has been praised as insightful and revealing even by those in positions of oversight at the time, but who had no idea of the actual conditions inside such factories.

The former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Affairs, during the Bush administration, offered this after reading the book:

Chicken Feathers takes us inside a world that was almost impossible to understand from the outside. This book is a great public service, but a great read as well.”–David B. Cohen, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Affairs 

Angelo Villagomez, the Saipan Blogger, offered this:

“…It is a story that deserved to be told and shines a light on a situation that should never have been allowed on American soil.”

In doing my research for this book, I compiled and collected photographs, videos and interviews which could prove quite insightful, and even shocking to those who are now being brought into the discussion–a discussion which has been ongoing for decades.

If you’d really like to learn more, first check out Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin

Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin
Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan
by Chun Yu Wang and Walt F.J. Goodridge
It took a lot of courage for a 25-year-old girl from Wu Xi City in Jiang Shu province, China, who had never flown on a plane, and who had never left home before, to travel 2,000 miles to a foreign country in search of work. It took even more courage to stay once she discovered what life was really like for a factory girl on the island of Saipan in the US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). This is
the only first-hand account of work and life in the garment factories of Saipan.
(196 pages; 5.5″ x 8.5″; ISBN: 978-0974531342) Read more at www.saipanfactorygirl.com

Also available in Spanish

Order in your favorite format:

buy paperback
buy ebook
buy kindle edition
buy nook edition
buy on Amazon
buy on GooglePlay

Read more about the author and view/download videos/interviews at https://www.saipanfactorygirl.com HERE

Read facts about the modern day garment factory era in the US HERE

Read my Yahoo Answers response HERE