The world’s greatest book review…, if you’re Walt Goodridge

Someone recently accused me of having a “self-fluffing ego.” Um, the truth is, my ego needs quite a bit of external fluffing, actually. Self-fluffing, like other forms of auto-stimulation, simply don’t do it for me. Plus, I’ve heard it can lead to blindness. On a serious note, though, and speaking of a great ego-boosting way to start the day, I’ll share the following review of Turn Your Passion Into Profit just posted on Amazon!

I’m writing this review of Walt Goodridge’s “Turn Your Passion Into Profit” to post on, after receiving my paperback copy of it. You can get it at his website:

I recently received my paperback copy of Walt Goodridge’s “Turn Your Passion Into Profit” book. I must say it was better than I expected. The book is easy to read, fun, interesting, witty, inspiring, motivating and makes you see things in a way you never thought of before. It’s not just a how-to guide, but a transformation in consciousness. As you read it, you feel inspired – like suddenly you feel and sense a world of possiblities you never knew existed. This is the kind of book that is priceless. It’s not just a book, it’s like an “experience”, one that you have to sit down and go through to understand what I mean.

Goodridge truly has a gift of teaching and guiding in this area. He takes a difficult, complex and broad subject and handles it like a master, using simplicity and elegance to convey his teachings and guidance in this area with everyday layman’s terms. I’m quite impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me.

While reading this book, it seems apparent that Goodridge was made for this role, kind of like how people say that David Carradine was made for the Kwai Chang Kane role in the “Kung Fu” series, and Kevin Costner was made for his role in “Dances with Wolves”. Likewise, Walt Goodridge was made for this guru type role of teaching people how to turn their passions into portable businesses one can live off of. In doing so, he has not just written a practical how-to guide, but shows you how you can transform your consciousness to another level, where you are better able to manifest your wishes and desires. I think this is important, and what other books about starting your own business lack.

You see, for the law of attraction to work for you, and for the universe to begin helping you, you’ve got to operate from a higher plane of consciousness which allows it all to come into possibility. True change begins within, and that’s where Walt starts. That’s what makes this book special compared to others. I know that might sound a bit New Ageish, but it’s true. I’ve experienced this in my own life, as a successful self-employed “Passionpreneur” myself, so I know what it takes to become one.

Walt is one of the few gifted writers who understands this inner transformation one must go through to change one’s life, because he too, has had to undergo a transformation in consciousness in order to live a life of freedom, authenticity and abundance. You see, changing your life is more than just about doing practical how-to steps in the physical world. One must move from a state of being locked in fear and limitation into one of abundance, possibility. That requires a transformation in consciousness, for true freedom begins in the mind. At that point, the inner change will manifest into the outer.

Walt has a gift for helping people in this area. He was tailor made for this role. This book is his best work. And it’s a MUST HAVE for sure. I tend to be very skeptical and cynical about things, so for me to praise something, it’s gotta be really good for sure. And this book definitely fits the bill.

Every page is filled with motivation and wisdom which helps you to discover yourself, your true potential, who you really are, and how you can awaken to an empowering truer, more meaningful and more authentic life. I liked how Walt used analogies from the film “Shawshank Redemption” with Morgan Freeman, a great masterpiece film, and explained how the lessons from it apply to our lives.

After corresponding with him, I would say that Walt is one of the most awakened people I’ve ever talked to. While most people in the world are energy leeches and vampires who suck the energy out of you, Walt is one of the few that radiate energy and give it to help others, for he draws his from some “cosmic source” of abundance, rather than from ego or illusion. That makes him a lot more authentic than most people I’ve met.

You’ve all heard the saying, “Do what you love. The money will follow.” Well this book is the epitome of that. Once you read it, you will understand more than ever the wisdom behind that saying. It’s true in more ways than you might think. You see, if you only live to work, then you don’t have a true purpose in life. The most authentic lifestyle is to follow your passion, and make a living while doing that. That is the TRUE way to live true to yourself and live freely. This book will help you do that, in many ways.

So anyway, if you are tired of living a robotic life working for others as a slave to make a living, and looking for other alternatives and answers, then get this book. It’s inexpensive and priceless. It is truly life changing and transformative, as well as a masterpiece work of inspiration. Even if you’ve already begun your journey of awakening, this book will help bridge the gap between your new awakening and the steps you can take to manifest your inner changes into your everyday life that will allow you to live in freedom, abundance, authenticity and passion.

If that sounds like you, then this book could be the catalyst that marks the turning point in your life, and the next stage in your evolution of being as well.

Thanks for reading my review which comes straight from the heart.



Winston Wu

Author of Happier Abroad


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