My Mission

My life’s mission is “I share what I know, so that others may grow!” Through the Jamaican in China blog, my goal is to create an alternative travel narrative to encourage people who identify with me to break free and see the world fearlessly (and inexpensively), just as I have!

 The Jamaican in China experience is a metaphor for escape–escape from the arbitrary lines and borders that separate us as human beings; escape from the limiting stereotypes we have about ourselves and about others. It is about freedom.

I believe that as individuals, we would all benefit if we were to choose to exercise:

• 1. The freedom to live a life of purpose.

• 2. The freedom to profit and prosper.

• 3. The freedom to love honestly.

• 4. The freedom to escape.

• 5. The freedom to age less.

In the quest for these freedoms, we often find there are barriers, borders and brainwashing that stand in the way of our success. Some of these obstacles are within our personal power to overcome simply by choosing to adopt new belief systems and by exercising the courage and discipline to take the actions necessary and to stick to them.

Other obstacles represent entrenched paradigms and customs that society as a whole will need to address, but are restrictions on freedom nonetheless.

The Jamaican in China blog is a chronicle of the different ways I’ve chosen to overcome these obstacles and exercise these freedoms! I hope you can find something to relate to! (See also “Why I Travel Abroad” and check out the Jamaican in China Youtube Channel)

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