Announcing! The Jamaican in China presents… presents ecotours, trekking, home stays in Luang Namtha, Laos

Beginning with tours in Luang Namtha, Laos, Discovering Laos has begun offering all-inclusive one, two or three-day packages or individual tours that include kayaking, rafting, trekking, bicycling, cultural and eco tours, overnight camping in the National Protected Area, and accommodations including home stays with local villagers.

DiscoveringLaos co-founder and nomadpreneur, Walt Goodridge explains how he discovered Laos. “I was in Jinghong, China at the end of my first entry of a double-entry visa. Rather than take an expensive trip to Hong Kong, I decided to go south to Laos instead, and I’m so glad I did! I ended up staying longer than I had planned! These tours are for people like me who want to escape the concrete and congestion of big cities and experience nature and life and people the way they’ve been for centuries.”

DiscoveringLaos offers trekking, cultural tours, and even home stays among Laos 49 ethnic tribs
DiscoveringLaos offers trekking, cultural tours, and even home stays among Laos 49 ethnic tribes

Laos is home to 49 different ethnic groups or tribes, 17 of which are in Luang Namtha province. Most are living the way they have lived for hundreds of years. However, the realities of a money-centered world have intruded on life even there.

“Villagers earn money for the things they cannot grow or raise by selling crafts to visitors,” explains Discovering Laos vendor-partner, Vanxai Inyasone (of the Tai Dam tribe and owner of the Namtha River Experience). “There’s no obligation, of course, but a simple purchase can help a villager buy pens, pencils, clothing for her children.” In recognition of this reality, the Discovering Laos website was donated (designed, hosted and maintained free of charge) to the vendors and tour guides it serves.

To encourage visitors for these unique tours, DiscoveringLaos will provide pick up from the bus station or airport or will meet clients at the Luang Namtha airport or bus terminal, or the Thailand or Chinese borders. Vegetarian/Vegan travelers can request special meals prepared by a Tai Dam chef.

For additional ecotour details and offerings, or to donate to help villagers purchase clothing and school supplies, visit

Jamaican in China weighs in on Volkswagen commercial, Jamaican accents, boycott

Volkswagen superbowl ad jamaican opinion

[We now join Walt’s special press conference already in progress]

WALT: …and so, in the spirit of social justice through activism, I hereby call upon the United Nations to impose sanctions!!!! And I encourage the unequivocal and unconditional boycott of Volkswagen, German beer, German pretzels, Lederhosen. Heidi Klum, Beethoven, and Milli Vanilli! And, furthermore…um, wazzat? excuse me…
[Covers mike while assistant leans in to whisper and show Walt controversial ad on smart phone]

WALT: [overheard whispering] –you gotta be kidding me..Is that it???? Is that all????

WALT: Get a life, people….and turn dat frown de odda way around!!

Volkswagen superbowl ad turn that frown…

Why are there so many songs about Rudebwoys?

Rudebwoy Connection, Dreadlocks Kermit!
Rudebwoy Connection, Dreadlocks Kermit!

While going through his extensive collection of photos, a friend of mine sent me photo of myself and a fellow Jamaican with the caption “Rudeboy Connection.” This, of course, brought to mind the song Rainbow Connection as sung by international superstar Kermit the Frog. One thought led to another, coupled with having entirely too much time on my hands, and voila, here is the result. Stay tuned for a youtube parody of the song with the new title and lyrics. Altogether now: “One day we’ll find it, the Rudeboy Connection, the Rastas, the rebels, and meeeeeeee….la, la, laaa, la….