Jamaican in China weighs in on Volkswagen commercial, Jamaican accents, boycott

Volkswagen superbowl ad jamaican opinion

[We now join Walt’s special press conference already in progress]

WALT: …and so, in the spirit of social justice through activism, I hereby call upon the United Nations to impose sanctions!!!! And I encourage the unequivocal and unconditional boycott of Volkswagen, German beer, German pretzels, Lederhosen. Heidi Klum, Beethoven, and Milli Vanilli! And, furthermore…um, wazzat? excuse me…
[Covers mike while assistant leans in to whisper and show Walt controversial ad on smart phone]

WALT: [overheard whispering] –you gotta be kidding me..Is that it???? Is that all????

WALT: Get a life, people….and turn dat frown de odda way around!!

Volkswagen superbowl ad turn that frown…