What Australian Scott Donald said about the Jamaican in China will make you….

Like any good book reviewer, Scott Donald, the Australian founder of the Hungry Feet blog, is honest about his reading experience. So, I was a bit apprehensive about what he would say when he read a review copy of Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum: The Jamaican in China!, the blog-to-book, behind-the-scenes, blooper-and-outtake, parental-advisory version (nothing too salacious, really) paperback version of the Jamaican in China blog.

Well, the nail-biting wait is over. The review is in, and, I’d like you to head on over to Scott’s blog to check it out and let me know what you think.

First, however, in my never ending quest to manipulate you with completely biased, one-sided, often Jamaican-centric interpretations of life through the power of carefully-chosen words, I shall now provide a few slightly edited excerpts from Scott’s review. If any of these titillate, tantalize, terrify, entertain or enrage you enough, do the right thing and check out the full review on Scott’s blog

(I’ve had to take some lessons in creative editing from the recent US presidential elections in order to offer you, the public, compelling soundbites to further my hidden agenda.)

“Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum’ is a…. dirty little blighter.”

“.Walt Goodridge is..a stereotype….”

“Goodridge is….wandering the streets…”

“Goodridge… travels… pants off…”

Goodridge seeks…a moral compass…”

Of course, Goodridge is…less than…..”

Goodridge is a…blood flowing…voyeur…”

And, so that Scott won’t accuse me of taking ALL of his words out of context, I’ll end with this quote from his review, which needs no editing whatsoever:

“….I was rooting for the author the whole time. The man can write. He is a very likeable guy and author with a wicked sense of humour.

Well, that does seem to be at least TWO things I agree with Scott about. However, before you start the petition against him, check out the blog and read for yourself exactly what he said and if, perhaps, I might have taken some of those words a bit out of context. hee hee

Click here to view Scott’s blog

Don’t forget, there’s also a
full-color version of the book on Amazon

I’ve got a secret! The countdown has begun!

The countdown has begun. The day of significance is April 21. Yes, it’s about to be “on!” Only catch is, I can’t tell you exactly what “it” is! Stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy life rhyme #402, and remember: there’s a life rhyme for EVERY situation!

top secret

”I’ve Got a Secret”

Psst, I’ve got a secret
But can’t say what it’s about
For silence is essential
for this nurtured dream to sprout

Psst, I’ve got a secret
Superstitious this may seem
But even little rain drops
have been known to drown a dream

Psst, I’ve got a secret
Man oh man it’s something big!
I’ll need my vim and vigor
while to this goal I zag and zig

Psst, Ok, you forced me
But the most I shall reveal:
I’m working on a gift for you
a gift no one can steal

So please do me this favor
And don’t think this all a bluff
A veil shall soon be lifted
And you’ll find out soon enough!

As you plant, nourish and grow your dreams, take care to shelter and nurture them in the fertile soil of silence until they have blossomed enough to withstand the elements–the rain of suppression, the wind of disbelief, and the heat of judgment through which all great things must grow. For even a single drop of rain can drown the unprotected dream.

Walt’s Life Rhyme #402
(I’ve Got a Secret)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
”I share what I know,
so that others may grow!”


Image courtesy of Master Isolated Images / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Hungry feet? Then get moving!

“Things were getting to the point for me that I was starting to get depressed. Actually depressed! Me!? I still can’t believe it. I would never have dreamt in my wildest horrors that I would feel depressed. Depression was for other people. It was stupid. Just a job. And yet there I was slowly imploding. I kept it to myself, too ashamed to admit this weakness to anyone until the signs started to show through and my beautiful wife stepped in to save the day and suggest that if we missed travel and Japan so much what are we still doing in Australia? Even writing this I am choking up at the memory. All my pent up emotions came out in a flood. In amongst the flooding waters was a life raft upon which my wife stood with a helping hand to rescue me from these troubled waters and sail with me off to new lands.”–Scott Donald, Hungry Feet Blog

That’s a quote from Scott Donald’s blog, Hungry Feet. When you check it out–and you WILL check it out–you’ll read about a man and his wife who, like me, felt like a piece of their souls were dying each day they submitted to corporate confinement and the status quo of the standard societal paradigm. Fortunately, Scott has not given in to the expectations of others, and has decided to pursue his passion for travel, honor is nomadpreneurial leanings and share these with the world in his blog and in a book, too!

scott donald in thailand
Scott is a kindred spirit.

Scott is also my bestest new friend because he reviewed my Coffeepot Cookbook on his blog, and as a result, I’ve decided to offer a huge, Free, 66MB (did I mention free) bonus to anyone who reads his blog, finds his post about the Coffeepot Cookbook (hint: it’s on March 11) and does what it instructs to get the bonus! If you like food, and you like travel, satisfy both cravings at Hungry Feet!

All good things must come to an–um, upload on Youtube????

Laverne and Shirley. The Odd Couple. Colditz. The Wonder Years. Ally McBeal. What do these–my favorite shows–all have in common? Well, they all end up on Youtube for the perpetual entertainment pleasure of future generations. Want to know what else ends up on Youtube? Vinyl records from a chapter in my life during which I was partner in a record label!

In my latest book, Ducks in a Row??? Please. How to find the courage to finally QUIT your soul-draining, life-sapping, energy-depleting, freedom-robbing job now…before it’s too late..and live passionately ever after!, I tell the story of how I designed album covers, managed artists, and eventually started a record label all in an effort to free myself from corporate captivity. Well, real-life evidence of that chapter of my life —a good thing–has ended up on Youtube!

In a story I wrote for the Saipan Tribune, I introduced you to my long-time friend, fellow Jamaican and consultant, Wayne “Sound” Wright, who ended up on Saipan–of all the places in the world! It was Wayne’s Reggae group, Abeng, for whom I designed the album cover, performed management duties, and whose music was released on my “first” record label, Strata Records.

Check out the Youtube clips below and you can see our names, Wayne, Gurdeep and Sir Walt on the label. I came up with the name and logo for the label (not the best of designs, but it sufficed), and had a co-worker, Richard A., a drafter at my civil engineering job, smooth out the lines for the design.

Two tracks from the Unconquerebel LP are on Youtube!

Move Out Babylon

Banana Man

Abeng Unconquerebel LP CD Strata Records first release
Abeng Unconquerebel LP CD Strata Records first release

So, for all you Reggae roots and culture historians and trivia buffs, you can learn everything there is to learn about Wayne, Abeng, the musicians featured on all the tracks, and see videos of live performances from the 90s, AND purchase the CD HERE (If you’re in China and can’t access Youtube, check out the website)

Note to the Youtube uploaders: I spoke with Wayne, and the now semi-defunct Strata Records has no copyright infringement issues with the uploaders on Youtube. However, feel free to link to say something nice as you share Wayne’s timeless and now documented contributions to Reggae history and entertainment!