What Australian Scott Donald said about the Jamaican in China will make you….

Like any good book reviewer, Scott Donald, the Australian founder of the Hungry Feet blog, is honest about his reading experience. So, I was a bit apprehensive about what he would say when he read a review copy of Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum: The Jamaican in China!, the blog-to-book, behind-the-scenes, blooper-and-outtake, parental-advisory version (nothing too salacious, really) paperback version of the Jamaican in China blog.

Well, the nail-biting wait is over. The review is in, and, I’d like you to head on over to Scott’s blog to check it out and let me know what you think.

First, however, in my never ending quest to manipulate you with completely biased, one-sided, often Jamaican-centric interpretations of life through the power of carefully-chosen words, I shall now provide a few slightly edited excerpts from Scott’s review. If any of these titillate, tantalize, terrify, entertain or enrage you enough, do the right thing and check out the full review on Scott’s blog

(I’ve had to take some lessons in creative editing from the recent US presidential elections in order to offer you, the public, compelling soundbites to further my hidden agenda.)

“Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum’ is a…. dirty little blighter.”

“.Walt Goodridge is..a stereotype….”

“Goodridge is….wandering the streets…”

“Goodridge… travels… pants off…”

Goodridge seeks…a moral compass…”

Of course, Goodridge is…less than…..”

Goodridge is a…blood flowing…voyeur…”

And, so that Scott won’t accuse me of taking ALL of his words out of context, I’ll end with this quote from his review, which needs no editing whatsoever:

“….I was rooting for the author the whole time. The man can write. He is a very likeable guy and author with a wicked sense of humour.

Well, that does seem to be at least TWO things I agree with Scott about. However, before you start the petition against him, check out the blog and read for yourself exactly what he said and if, perhaps, I might have taken some of those words a bit out of context. hee hee

Click here to view Scott’s blog

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