Required viewing for the Revolution!

Few of us–especially if we consider ourselves optimists–want to be the bearers of bad news and predictions of doom and gloom. However, it’s becoming increasingly evident and undeniable that something big is happening. Within my circle of friends, in between our mantras of abundance and visualization of prosperity, we talk furtively about what we see happening even here in the United States.

As much as I’ve resisted coming right ond saying it, I’ve realized that to speak of what’s coming is not pessimism, at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s actually a ray of hope that things are about to change. I see myself becoming more and more of an advocate of making the necessary shift in order to survive and usher in the new paradigm. With that said….check out:

1. The Zeitgeist Movement 

Among other things, this amazing documentary puts the entire economic paradigm and its deceptions, delusions, inconsistencies, and insanity into perspective and offers a solution! I will be reviewing this on my blog because this accurately represents everything that I have come to understand and believe about where this is all heading.



Freedom is achievable! I’ll coach you through it!

Do you want to turn your passion into profit? write and publish a book? escape from the rat race and/or to live somewhere else? live a natural and rejuvenating lifestyle and grow younger every day? Trust me, it’s not only possible, it might even be imperative that you do! 

The year 2012 will mark a pivotal time of transition for many people. If you have any goals to achieve the freedom to profit, the freedom to escape, or the freedom to be ageless, then sign up for my new season of “Achievable Freedom” Coaching.

Beginning on November 1, 2011 (11/1/11), I’ll be coaching no more than 10 people to achieve their desired 2012 freedom goals. Sometimes just a single session can change your entire perspective and make something click. Other times, it may require once-weekly sessions. You’ll decide.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot and often will not work with just anyone.  Not everyone is ready. Not everyone is coachable. However, because I’m making this announcement quite public, if you wish to be considered for one of the ten slots, it will be necessary to pay a deposit (which is fully refundable if we decide NOT to work together), BEFORE I send you the qualifying questionnaire and interview. (Sessions are conducted by phone or Skype and are priced at $100/session until Nov 1, 2011. Will increase thereafter.)

  • Read more about the categories of coaching
  • $50 Deposit to reserve a slot (pending interview) or send via paypal to “orders (at) passionpofit (dot) com”
  • Email me with any questions

    Thanks, and see you on the other side!p.s. Here’s my new favorite quote from Mike R., who has already gotten on board for some health & nutrition coaching.  Thanks, Mike!

    “That’s huge, man! You’re living life on your terms! You come and go as you want. You decide you wanted something different. You decided this is what you wanted and you went for it. You don’t apologize. You take no shorts. You’re living the life of your dreams. Who does that????? In a world of people settling, who does that??? That’s badass! That’s nothing short of bad assss!”–Mike R. (coaching client, New York)



Mommy, the other kids are laughing at my phone!


“Oh, my heavens! Walt, what’s THAT?”

“Um, what do you mean?”

“Is that a phone???”

“Um, yes?”

“Wow! Does it work?

“Of course it works! What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s just that…well, I didn’t know they still made those. Hey, honey [to her husband], come look at Walt’s phone! Check this out…It’s even got a little antenna! That’s so cute!”



ME: [whips out phone thinking he’s cool]

SHE: [incredulous stare]

ME: “Kim, what’s wrong?”

SHE: [shakes her head to snap herself back into reality] “um, do you mind if I take a picture of that?”

ME: “picture of what?”

SHE: “That.”

ME: “You mean my phone?”

SHE: [pulls out her smartphone and snaps a photo]

ME: [hides the phone and looks around nervously if anyone is looking]

my phone

“Yes, it works, dammit!”

Yep. This is my phone. It’s not a Blackberry™. It’s not an iPhone®. (In fact, it’s not really that smart at all.)  Whenever I travel to New York, after I land, I whip out my Boostmobile phone, purchase a SIM card and I’m ready to rock and roll! Well, at least I THOUGHT I was rockin’ and rollin’. According to my friends, it’s not rock and roll, it’s more like music from an ancient banjo with missing strings.

According to Consumer Reports: A smart phone can typically handle multiple e-mail accounts (including corporate types), has a sophisticated organizer, and can handle Office documents. Some allow you to create and edit spreadsheets and documents, and they usually support Microsoft Exchange. Their touch-screen displays are larger, and their cameras are more advanced than those on conventional phones. And they typically have Wi-Fi, and support higher mobile wireless data speeds that facilitate better Web browsing and streaming media. Their advanced operating systems give them access to a host of applications: productivity tools, shopping, multimedia, games, travel, news, weather, social, finance, references, etc.

Nope, my phone does none of these things. I find that I don’t feel the need to shuffle Office documents while I’m on a beach on Saipan. But my phone does, in fact, do something amazing that just 20 years ago was unheard of: it makes phone calls, and allows me to talk to someone else while I’m out walking around outside without having to use a land line. Imagine that!

I don’t care WHAT you say, flip phones are still cool! I feel like I’m Captain Kirk.”Beam me up, Scotty, the aliens are laughing at me.” [Taken on Oct 17, 2011 with Kim’s fancy shmancy smartphone and sent to me in an email entitled “Walt on his fossil”]

Along with Facebook, the smart phone revolution sort of goes forward without me. That’s what can happen when you’re living on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific. When I take the subway here in New York, I’m practically the only one who hasn’t assumed “the position:” head bowed, ear-piece inserted , elbows close to the body, forearms extended, thumbs working, eyes glued to a screen. No one makes eye contact. They look up just briefly enough to see what station they’ve reached, and if it’s time, they snap the phone shut and speed out. (“Lady, wait! You forgot your kid!”)

Assume the position! [courtesy of]

Sigh. I think I missed the memo. 

The best-kept-secret-passion-prophet-nationwide-tour comes to the Queens Library for Teens in Far Rockaway!

The Queens Library for Teens is a unique project in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York. It boasts a computer center, game room, mini-recording studio and workshops to offer students aged 12-19 growth, networking and an after-school meeting place.

Since I’m passing through New York, my friend, Kim, a counselor at the library, invited me to stop by and share a few words of career advice and inspiration to her students.

It was a great, informal event. The students were very engaging, curious and asked great questions!

Queens Library for Teens. 2002 Cornaga Ave

My introduction

Awaiting the spotlight

Who wants to make money doing what they love?

Sharing the story of my first book

Great team of youth counselors!

FROM LIBRARY LITERATURE: Queens Library for Teens opened one city block from Queens Library at Far Rockaway in December 2007. A 3,000-square-foot former retail store, it is open Monday through Friday, 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. for young people ages 12 to 19. The library houses computers designed for several users to huddle around; plenty of relaxed, comfortable seating; and library materials of high interest to young adults, including lots of magazines, graphic novels, a recording studio, xbox, wii ps 3 test-prep materials., job readiness home work help, college club and much more.

Rules about noise and snacking are more relaxed than in the “regular library.” We’re now able to schedule more programs of interest to young adults, such as chess tournaments and how to make your own MySpace page. Pre-GED and basic education classes are ongoing and are held in the mornings.

The Library for Teens is staffed by youth counselors, a model that’s been integral to the library’s success. Queens Library trains its entire public service staff to recognize that “everybody serves youth.” Nevertheless, youth counselors have been a major asset.

You can learn more about the library at, and you can visit them on Facebook!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Life, Death and the Meaning of Existence, But Were Afraid to Ask with Hari Nam Singh

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll recall the strangely serendipitous, remarkably random, crazily coincidental and fabulously fortuitous meeting I had with Sikh teacher, Hari Nam Singh. Hari and I met for a meeting of minds a few days later and had a great time.

Well, this Friday, October 7, from 7:30pm – 9:00pm, I’ll be checking out a course he’ll be teaching, and you’re all invited, too! Hari has even invited me to contribute a few thoughts to the evening’s unfolding, so it’ll be a unique opportunity to experience a Sikh and a seeker in the same night!

It’s entitled “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Life, Death and the Meaning of Existence, But Were Afraid to Ask” with Hari Nam Singh

DETAILS: Enjoy this compelling and profound course which covers themes that most teachers only dance around and students are hard-pressed to get straight talk about. We will fearlessly and deeply explore the topics of creation, karma, reincarnation, infinite existence, the meaning of life and the experience of worldly death; not only from a philosophical point of view, but in a very real and down to earth way. We will also practice kundalini yoga and meditation especially geared to the theme of the evening. Any person attending this workshop will be better prepared to live and die consciously and fearlessly, with the ability to guide and inspire others in this direction as well.

Hari Nam Singh Khalsa is a renowned spiritual teacher, having given workshops and counseling sessions throughout the world, including Europe, South America and China. He has been interviewed extensively on television, radio and in the press. Hari Nam had the honor and privilege of being personally trained for almost 30 years by Yogi Bhajan, the legendary spiritual master who first introduced Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma to the West back in the late 1960s.

Over the past 30 years, Hari Nam has taught and counseled literally thousands of individuals and couples in regard to virtually every aspect of human endeavor. He is also founder and director of both Yoga Heaven and The Center for Existential and Spiritual Counseling in Portland, Oregon. He is certified as a professional teacher trainer through the auspices of the Kundalini Research Institute. For more information please visist:

WHEN: Friday, October 7th, from 7-9:30 PM
WHERE:  Golden Bridge NYC, 253 Centre Street, New York City, 212-343-8191
COST: $35 in advance/ $40 at the door
Sign up now: Click Here

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