Ron M. Jamaican pilot living his dream!

You may recall my friend, Ron McFarlane, a Jamaican pilot I met on Saipan. Well, Ron is no longer on Saipan and is now a pilot for Air Macau! He’s been in training for a few months, but just completed his first official flight (and landing) of an Airbus 320 in Nanjing, China! When we used to sit in Garapan and watch the, um, tourists go by, Ron would always tell me his dream was to fly the big ones! He’s always wanted to be a pilot for as long as he can remember. Now, he’s living his dream! Here’s a youtube video of his first landing of a passenger-filled A320 recorded for posterity! Go deh, star! Nuff respect! I’ll be visiting soon!

If you’re in China, or cannot view the youtube video for some reason, click here