Announcing: Jamaican in China! a radiation-free experience!

JAMAICAN IN CHINA! An old-fashioned, radiation-free, “no technology required” experience like no other!

In 2011, I returned to Saipan after spending six months in China, Laos and Singapore! It was an adventure the memories of which will last a lifetime!

After following the adventure on my blog, a few people wanted it have it all in book format. So, I created Kindle and Nook versions.

However, that wasn’t enough! They wanted a paperback copy to carry around with them and to share with their friends who didn’t have those “new-fangled” Kindles or Nooks.

Other people wanted it in paperback so they could re-live the adventure while relaxing on the beach or in the park away from radiation-emitting computer screens and technology. They simply wanted to enjoy immersing themselves in a fun story the old-fashioned way: by turning pages and feeling the weight of a real book in their hands.

Well, I can deny them (and you) no longer!

Therefore, as of just a few minutes ago, on the website (or directly from me), you can get the 340 fun-filled, fact-focussed, freedom-fostering pages of my 6-month Jamaican in China experience in Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum, THE PAPERBACK BOOK!


340 PAGES! (THICK!) 7″ x 10″ SIZE! (HUGE!)
Your coffee-table awaits!

(Many never-before-seen)


(with tons of insights and world view explanations from my Chinese friends!)

THE 2009 ADVENTURE! “The Prequel”
(My first trip to China in 2009!)

(YES, I’ve thought of everything!)

IMPORTANT: Make sure you order the version you want. There is a color version (1) and a black & white version (2).

Jamaican in China!
Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum
by Walt F.J. Goodridge
Follow my amazing six-month nomad adventure through Beijing, Kunming, Xishuangbanna and Hainan in the People’s Republic of China, along with stints in Singapore and Laos! See Asia like you’ve never seen it before–through the eyes and experiences of a nomadic, minimalist vegan Jamaican vagabond (that would be me!) With tons more never-before-published stories, bloopers, and photographs of my nomadpreneur life in China! (340 pages; 7″ x 10″; ISBN: 978-1478326892)

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