Life Rhymes….Reloaded! Re-live the magic!

Where were YOU and what were YOU doing between 1997 and 2006??? If you weren’t among the 20,000 people on the world famous “Walt’s Friday Inspirations” mailing list, then you missed out on something truly amazing! But, don’t worry! through the magic of technology, you can now sign up to receive the “just like it was” weekly email of these timeless Life Rhymes! Yes, Life Rhymes timeless! Life Rhymes show up in your life just when you need them like MAGIC! And, now,, Life Rhymes are back…RELOADED!! And you can experience them in 2012! Trust me, and trust the testimonials of 20,000 people who experienced them before, they’re more fun and amazing when they show up in your email inbox each week! So, sign up! And, if you prefer, they’ve also been compiled into a beautiful coffee table, bedside inspiration, dinner guest conversation piece book! Click here to see more, and to sign up! It’s absolutely free!


2 thoughts on “Life Rhymes….Reloaded! Re-live the magic!”

  1. Sounds great! I’m also into poetry, so your rhymes should make for an interesting read Walt; signing up now!

    1. Cool! Keep in mind that what you’ll initially receive are the first “episodes” exactly in the order they were originally created. So, it wasn’t until episode 19 that I started to experiment with the rhyme scheme and meter that ultimately became Walt’s Life Rhymes! Stay tuned, and thanks!


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