Building the American Dream….in China???

Very interesting article in the New York Times…a sign, perhaps, of things that will continue…

Building the American Dream…in China

Here’s a quote:

The new arrivals, though, come not by invitation or out of curiosity but because they need work. They are, as Michael Tunkey, head of the China office for the North American firm Cannon Design, says, “refugees from the economic crisis.”

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2 thoughts on “Building the American Dream….in China???”

  1. This article is really interesting. I never would have seen it except for your blog Walt, so thanks for sharing. I find it especially resourcesful as my best friend graduated an architect back in 2008; after spending all that money to be educated and trained, she has yet to find employment in the field of architecture. Perhaps China may be her calling also…I’m forwarding this post to her email right away.

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