China RELOADED! Relive the magic and adventure!

Jamaican in China...RELOADED!

If this is your first time visiting my blog, then listen up! You’ve missed some of the most exciting, insightful, inspiration and fun adventures of me in China! But don’t worry, in the same way that I “reloaded” the Life Rhymes so that you can enjoy them once a week like they were originally meant to be enjoyed, I’ve now reloaded my Jamaican in China adventure! Yes, every real-time, as-it-happened email that I sent to my friends and followers can now be experienced in a surprise email straight to your in-box!  That’s right, my entire 6-month adventure beginning with the loss of my passport and ultimate departure from Saipan straight through my time in Beijing, Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Hainan, Laos, Singapore  and back to Saipan!

No need to scroll through the archives in one sitting! Just sign up, and sit back! And let me do all the work! It’ll be just like watching old Seinfeld re-runs, except it’s me, um without the entourage and the quirky theme music!

JUST SIGN UP HERE! The re-runs will keep you entertained while I work on a new book and whine about being “stuck” here in New York!

If you’re reading this by email, then most likely you’ve been on my list for a while and already experienced the magic of my last China adventure! If you’ve signed up in the last day, then you’re already set to receive China Reloaded.

Now, if you’ve already experienced it all, but for some strange reason, you DO want to receive the re-runs, FIRST UN-subscribe using the link at the bottom of this email, and then RE-subscribe and your re-runs will begin right away (that is, IF this darned automated system works the way it’s supposed to!)

Ready, set, re-load!


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  1. Let’s go Walt! Really looking forward to thses re-runs; quite sure they will be interesting and informative!

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