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CORRECTION: After doing a test-launch of the new book on Amazon’s site, I discovered that due to the huge file size of this book Amazon prevents me from selling it at $0.99 as originally intended. Even splitting it into two volumes doesn’t work. Therefore, the lowest price possible $2.99!
Now available for Kindle

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January 1, 2012–China: Join nomadpreneur, minimalist, vegan, author Walt F.J. Goodridge as he occupies Justin Bieber’s Beijing, Selena Gomez’ Shanghai, Rebecca Black’s Xishuangbanna, Kardashian’s Kunming, and Herman Cain’s Hainan, proving–as the consummate marketer–that he’s not above throwing in the top ranked keyword search terms in his press releases in order to attract attention for his already compelling blog to book release, Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum

Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum is a humorous, hellacious, insightful, instructional, fun, fascinating, yet oddly functional all-in-one reality show travel guide blog book lifestyle primer chronicling Goodridge’s adventures in China, Laos, Singapore and Saipan. You can visit his award-nominated blog’s archives, but THE BOOK….ahhh! The BOOK, my friends is where the action is! It’s even better than the blog! Really!

In the book, you get what is essentially a “Behind the Scenes” “Bloopers” and “The Making of The Jamaican in China blog” all rolled into one, including:

•Over 600 full-color, many never-before-published photographs! That’s right, 635 in all!!

•  Edited and expanded blog posts

• Deleted scenes & out-takes too controversial for the blog

• Commentary from Walt’s circle of friends, advisors and enemies

• Dating advice from Chinese men AND women!

• “Grown-ups only” material

• The full “Coming Black to Asia/Travelling While Black” Manifesto

• The secret origins of Walt’s nomad-inspired Coffeepot Cookbook!


Yes, there’s something to APPEAL to everyone! Walt is a Jamaican-born, US University-schooled, Spanish speaking, single, minimalist, vegan, nomad bachelor in China who quotes Willie Nelson, Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt and Bob Marley in his blog as he offers survivalist cooking tips and dating strategies, fights crime and promotes freedom, dates cross-culturally, crossing borders, cracking stereotypes, breaking hearts, winning friends and influencing people (meeting fellow travelers from Norway, Russia, Myanmar, Guyana, Italy), living and spreading his philosophy of “freedom, function and fun” while making money as a nomadpreneur throughout Asia, while motivating and inspiring others through his prose, poetry and presence to do the same!” It doesn’t get more widespread in appeal than this! If you want a slice of this cultural pie, then why not look at asia travel as well? You’ll be full up with amazing sites and sounds in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

What’s even better (for selling books, that is) is that if you take this stuff too seriously, there’s bound to be something offensive for just about everyone, too:

• Yes, his thoughts on “Germ Theory in China” may offend you if you’re Chinese!

• His thing for interracial dating may offend a few skinheads!

• His “How to Meet Girls in Beijing” may offend feminists!

• His take on “Traveling While Black” may offend entire continents of people!

• And even the world’s innocent little children have something to be offended about with his irreverent parody of Dr Seuss’ beloved and iconic Cat in the Hat! (To answer your question: “Um, no, nothing is sacred!)


So, if you’ve ever asked yourself…

“Can a single, minimalist, vegan, Jamaican author and nomadpreneur escape the rat race, reinvent his life, live true to himself, find love, happiness, organic food, but more importantly, an apartment with a kitchen, sunshine and a wi-fi connection in China without paying the ultimate price…the foreigner’s price?”

(and who among us hasn’t asked ourselves that at some point in our lives? Admit it.)

…then you can NOW discover the full, potent, unadulterated, undiluted, non-dairy, wheat & gluten-free answer for yourself in the Nookified and Kindleized edition of Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum: The Jamaican in China!! and own a copy on your Kindle (or Nook) for ever and ever and to lend freely to friends and family!

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Here’s a little preview of some of the fun:


Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum?

So, what do you think? Me and Lucy Liu in the starring roles, plus Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh as the Chinese parents; Tell them all I’m casting now!


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