Bill Clinton goes VEGAN! (Now we can hang out together!)


I heard about this through my free subscription to the newsletter. I think this is fantastic, that someone in the American public eye, with such influence and media clout is saying these things. I’ve always believed that one of the best ways to affect mass consciousness in the US would be to have a sitting president come right out and advocate for a paradigm shift in eating habits. This is probably the next best thing! It will have an effect on the continuing mainstreaming of being vegan even as the various industry councils mount their assault.

As a public service to help spread the word, I’ve created an mp4 video of the CNN interview you can download here
(You can see the original youtube video here:

In my opinion, the next steps in this trend should include these concepts as they relate to eating from a plant-based paradigm:

1. This is not a “diet.”
It’s sad that garbage and poisons are considered normal, while natural choices are considered a “diet” which implies a deviation from a norm in order to achieve a desired end.

2. This is not complicated.
We don’t need scientists in on this. You can be your own authority.

3. All we need is a definition of REAL FOOD that everyone can understand and apply.

I suggest to you, therefore, that
It’s time to grow up.
Just because something tastes good, doesn’t make it food.
Just because something can be eaten and swallowed, doesn’t make it food.
For those who need a biblical paradigm for this concept:
If it didn’t exist in the garden of Eden, it’s not natural and not meant to be consumed by humans.
Food is for nutrition, not just for taste. (In fact, some of us make our choices of what to eat for the nutritional benefit alone. It’s time to grow up.)

Here’s an idea that will help you come to a simple definition of food:
Let’s imagine you have a raw carrot. You put it into the ground. What happens? It grows, right? Now imagine you put that carrot into a pot of hot water, just for a quick minute, then change your mind and decide to put it back in the ground. What happens? (I’m aware some people may not intuitively know the answer to this, but you don’t need to have been raised on a farm to know.) The answer is it DOESN’T GROW. That means something fundamental about that carrot has changed. It’s no longer “alive.”

Now, comes the million dollar question: If you want to be healthy, which one of these two carrots do you think is better for your body? Is there any way you can believe that putting something “dead” into your body yields the same effects as putting something “raw and alive”?

Even a “quick” boil kills the life-creating properties of food. Sure, it may still have a smaller amount of minerals and vitamins left in it, but it is absolutely, positively, and hopefully intuitively not as healthy as it was before. It is now “less food” than it was before. Is the food you eat able to be planted and grown?

If your current choices can’t pass this simple test, you are not eating as healthfully as you could be.

No matter how much sunshine, water and good soil you lavish on a pizza that you’ve planted in the ground, it is not going to grow and produce more pizzas. Ergo, it is not real food.

I could go on and on. And in fact, I have! I wrote about this extensively in my book, The Ageless Adept: Perfect Health, Long Life and the Fountain of Youth by A. Seeker (a pen name)

p.s. Since Doctor Ornish was too wary of industry repercussions to actually say it, I will do him the favor by responding to the baited question by the CNN Commentator: YES! Human children should not be consuming the milk of
another species of animal.

Here’s another image for you:
You’re out in a grassy field with a herd of cows grazing in the distance. Wonderful scene isn’t it? Now picture yourself going down on all fours, walking over to a cow in that field, pushing aside the calf that’s suckling, and suckling at the mother cow’s teats. There should be something innately odd about that image. No other species of animal on the planet drinks the milk of another species. Dogs don’t suckle on cats. Rabbits don’t suckle on giraffes. It’s patently absurd.

p.p.s. Understandably, given the paradigm within US society, these changes may need to be made gradually, so as not to incur a dramatic backlash. However, this plant-based paradigm should not be touted as simply a cure for disease because then, those who don’t currently have any noticeable symptoms will feel the information doesn’t apply to them.
It’s so refreshing to hear these ideas on the mainstream media. However, as you can tell by the divisive and opinionated way the interviewer poses his questions:
“Are you saying children should not drink milk?”

“I take fish oil. Is that a bad idea?”

“dairy, chicken, meat,…the fun things in life”
and attempting to pit one guest against another, you can see that media reporting is often not about giving unbiased information, but about stirring controversy, confusion and conflict. Be careful.

Finally, Bill, now that you and I are on the same page, we can hang out together next time you’re in China! Sorry, I was, um “unavailable” last time.

FINAL THOUGHT: Now that Bill Clinton has stopped eating meat, I wonder if Monica Lewinsky has stopped eating presidents?