Question: “If you’re in New York, why is it still ‘Jamaican in China’??? “

Actually, Andrea’s exact comment was:

“Hey, I love the look of your revised blog! More appealing. I understand you’re in the US at present. Are you still keeping the Jamaican in China headline because you’re planning to return there??”

My reply was:
Thanks! I thought about that. I can’t keep changing the blog title for every place I visit. So, whether it’s Laos, Singapore, Czech Republic or Italy, the blog will probably always be “Jamaican in China” for marketing reasons as well. It’s got a nice ring to it, and creates more of a compelling contrast to attract people’s attention. And yes, I definitely plan to go back as soon as possible and resume the adventure!

I’ve since update the title to be “Jamaican in China…and Beyond!”

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