Press Conference: You kidding me? Of course I’ll be heading back to China this year!!

I’m getting that question a lot. Therefore, here’s the official Jamaican in China public position made known at a recent press conference held at an undisclosed location that shall remain nameless.


Nomadpreneur warns the world to be ready “some time later this year”

Dateline: New York–Jan 3, 2013. Author and nomadpreneur, Walt F.J. Goodridge, made what experts are hailing as 2013’s first major, earth shattering announcement today when he disclosed that he does, in fact, intend to return to China some time later this year to resume his Jamaican in China adventure.

Details and dates were sketchy at press time, and the industry’s crack investigative reporters were unable to uncover any specifics, and so, had no choice but to attend Goodridge’s hastily-arranged press conference.

“You kidding me?? Of course I’ll be heading back to China this year!” Goodridge said in response to an unknown reporter’s question while at that undisclosed location somewhere in New York City. Goodridge, who appeared at the press conference accompanied by an unidentified person who remained nameless, commentless, and pretty much motionless throughout added, “Why wouldn’t I? My last trip was one of the best times I’ve ever had!”

Asked to elaborate on why his last trip was, in fact, such a great time, Goodridge smirked, turned his eyes fleetingly to the unknown, unidentified person by his side, and replied, “You’ll have to buy my book: Jamaican in China: Guess Who’s Coming to Dim Sum! available in black and white AND in color on, but which can be obtained more inexpensively directly from my site!

Asked if this level of secrecy, hoopla, and a freakin’ press conference were really all that necessary for what amounted to a simple announcement about buying a plane ticket, Goodridge replied: “No comment.”

Pushed further to respond to allegations that the entire press conference was simply a marketing ploy to announce his book for the new year and to generate sales, Goodridge replied: “Well, if there are no more questions, I’d like to thank you all for coming. Happy new year everyone!”

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