Word of the day

The following was seen on an electric circuit box on the 2nd floor of a local supermarket here in Jinghong.


Yes, boys and girls. The word for today is “damgerous.”  It means “Dammit, it’s dangerous!” or “Damn Dangerous!” as in “Caution, this circuit box is damn dangerous!” An example of the ever-efficient Chinese approach to unnecessary English verbosity.

(Now then, being the stickler for correct English that I is, I would do a disservice to my exceptional Jamaican education, and would furthermore be remiss if I didn’t point out that the correct spelling of the word damn is “D-A-M-N.” If used as a modifier, it would be D-A-M-N-E-D, as in: “He’s a damned Jamaican!” which, in itself is a damned silly statement, since everyone knows Jamaicans are not damned, but are, in fact, blessed and highly favored. Or, as we say in Jamaica, “we a God-blessed pickney!” But, I digress. Enjoy the word of the day!)