Jamaican on Pagan DAY 4: Dolphins and such

Jamaican on Pagan DAY 4: Dolphins and such

By day four and five of my adventure on Pagan, I've got my routine down. I get up before sunrise and head to the north bay. Sandy had told me there's something to watch every day about 7:00am.


While I wait, I take care of a few things…


Shave and shampoo on the north bay


Take a run on the beach…


Jamaican on the black sands of Pagan island

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Then, sure enough, like clockwork, at 7:00am, a school of dolphins arrives at the north bay for some frolicking!


Dolphin pirouette off the coast of Pagan

Click here to see it in video


Later, I head back to the boat to take a real shower!


back to Pagan…




Hang out with and interview 60% of the current population of the island…


Me and the boys! JR, Tyron and Jun



Take in more of the island…


Japanese monument erected during the 1970s



Take a walk through the woods




If it all gets too exciting, I take a break in my budget accommodations on Pagan….


and wait for yet another calming Pacific sunset….


Sunset on Pagan


Tomorrow, we head back to Saipan!


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