The futility of Suppression: Why attempts to quell the revolution simply hasten its eruption.

Reports out of Wall Street indicate that many people are convinced that cell phone communication during today’s shut down of the stock market were blocked.

The police, once believed to be there to “serve and protect” are discovered to be tools of the 1% when they raid and pillage the Occupy encampments and attack the protesters.

Paypal, once believed to be an independent, autonomous, non-political entity reveals itself to be a government tool in their freezing of Wikileaks’ account.

Politicians, once believed to be elected by and there to serve the interests of the electorate, are shown to act outside of the law and are reigned in by the courts as acting unconstitutionally.

The irony of these various acts of suppression by the forces that seem is that they increase the very sense of frustration that sparked the uprising.  

The alleged collusion on the part of cell phone companies, the police, the mainstream media, Paypal (and other companies), as well as  the politicians, identifies them as “the enemy.” The growing sense that there’s nowhere to turn, and no other alternative but all-out revolution simply grows.