The Evolution of a Saipan Sunset

Now that I’m back on Saipan, I’ve had time to process all the experiences and observations of my last six months in China, Laos and Singapore. The pace of life here on Saipan is a bit slower. My days are spent catching up on a lot of loose ends (answering emails, updating websites, etc.) that had been left undone during the Jamaican in China adventures.

Here on Saipan, there are secluded spots as well as not-so-secret beaches where I can sit or stroll for hours and never see another human. Admittedly, that may not be such great news for a mass-marketed tourism economy, but it’s great for getting an exlusive “ring side seat” as the sole observer of the evolution of a Saipan sunset.

April 18, 2011. Saipan’s spectacular secret sunset show begins about 6:00pm every evening

Come early grab a wooden seat.

See you tomorrow. Same time.

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