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First official review! (The Coffeepot Cookbook)

Because The Coffeepot Cookbook was inspired by my time in China, I gave ChinaTravel.net the first official review copy of the book. I just received an email from Aimee Groom, ChinaTravel editor, with my first official review: Yay!!! Thanks, Aimee.

“I wish I’d had a copy of The Coffeepot Cookbook back in 2009 when I lived four days a week in a back-of-beyond Nanjing hotel on a diet of spicy beef instant noodles and rice crackers! Feasible, functional and fun, the ever resourceful Walt has hit upon a genuinely great idea for the frugal and health conscious traveler and delivers it with his trademark humor. Plus he’s added a few new terms to the culinary lexicon along the way… silk-steamed spaghetti anyone?”–Aimee Groom, Editor, ChinaTravel.net

p.s. Nice work on the book, Walt! It’s a lot of fun!


Xishuangbanna Living, Parts 1, 2 & 3

CHINATRAVEL.net asked me to do a series of special posts on what it’s like to live in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China as a Jamaican nomadpreneur vegan minimalist. So, did!

CHINATRAVEL.NET INTRO: In this first of a three-part series, Jamaican in China Walt Goodridge moves from chilly Beijing to China’s sunny south and the balmy warmth of Xishuangbanna. A tropical paradise more usually experienced as a backpacker stop en route to neighboring Myanmar, Laos or Thailand, Walt invites us to join him in getting away from the tourist trail and living from a local perspective, as he sets up home in the capital Jinghong. Over to you, Walt! >>>

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