“My home is in my head”–Bob Marley

As a nomadpreneur, that quote from Bob (“My home is in my head.”) accurately describes how I feel about my life, and is how I often respond when people ask me about concepts of “home.”

That quote took on special meaning given one of the spots my buddy Ron and I visited today.–Walt (See clip of Bob at end)

DAY 5: Thursday, April 25, 2013
We decided we’d stay in Kingston to run some errands. First, Ron took his suitcase to a Fix-It shop to repair the in-flight damage incurred during his trip to JA!

at the Fixt It shop
at the Fixt It shop

Then, as Ron is a pilot, we went to the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority to take care of some of his business.

Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority
Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority
Jamaican in China
at the window of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority

Next stop: The Bob Marley Museum!

Pulling up to 56 Hope Road
Youtube: Click here
China: 如果你是在中国,请点击此处

56 Hope Road is the former home of Reggae legend and Jamaican hero, Robert Nesta Marley, known affectionately by Jamaicans simply as Bob. As I’ve said in a previous post, it is mandated by law that every Jamaican must utter the words “Bob did seh” (Bob said…”) in any conversation about life, politics, religion and any matter of cultural significance.

Bob Marley Museum
Bob Marley Museum front gate

Fulfilling the vision of Bob’s widow, Rita, the home has been converted into a museum paying tribute to Bob’s legacy and impact on the music industry, the struggles of freedom fighters the world over, and the status of Jamaica and Jamaicans throughout the world.

Bob Marley Museum
A sign inside the compound
Bob Marley Museum
The Garden at the Gate

We did the hour tour of the premises and house ($500J = $5US) The tourist rate is higher!)

Bob Marley Museum
Ms. Rowe at the ticket booth.
Bob Marley Museum
Posing at the statue while waiting for the tour to begin–Bob Marley Museum
Bob Marley Museum
Natasha begins our tour
Bob Marley Museum
Tour of the grounds
Bob Marley Museum
Natasha shares facts and figures and interesting trivia of Bob’s life
Bob Marley Museum
Step to it, people! We’re going inside!

There’s no taking of photos allowed during the tour of the house, but we got to see photos, artifacts, clothing, furniture, memorabilia and more details chronicling Bob’s music, career and honors.Great stuff!
You’ll have to experience it for yourself!

Bob Marley Museum
Me and Natty Queen

After the tour, Natasha and I posed on the very steps Bob Marley would sit and reason with his bredrin!

Bob Marley Museum
Completing my visitor survey at the Bob Marley Museum

Next stop: food!
On the way to New Leaf Restaurant (found through Happycow.net) we stopped at a juice bar and picked up a papaya, pineapple and guava juice.

Now then. For my friends who’ve suggested I smile more in my photos. I’m sure you’re not aware of this, but The “How to be Jamaican Cool” manual explicitly prohibits “crap eating grins” and big toothy smiles in photos of men. But, I’m going to do something totally out of character. Here are some photos with smiles for anyone who requested them.–W (These were captured by Ron when I didn’t know the camera was rolling; a clear and flagrant violation of HTBJC Rule #476, but I’m willing to break the rules just this once for you.)

Bob Marley Museum
Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!
The Joy of Juicing
The Joy of Juicing!

Then headed to New Leaf Restaurant

New Leaf Restaurant
New Leaf Restaurant!

Finally! A meal!

New Leaf Restaurant
the star of the show: Veggie stir fry with curry sauce and brown rice

Yes, I love Jamaica! I feel exceptionally fortunate that I was born, raised and received my foundational education there. However, I believe I can be at home just about anywhere since my home is in my head!


*Bob’s actual words are:

“My home is always where I am. My home is inna my head.
My home is what I think about…how I try to settle my
mind into thinking what I think…that is my home.
My home is not a material home out somewhere out there. Y’know,
my home inna my head.”–Bob Marley

And, if you want to hear Bob actually saying those words, watch this video (go to  3min:34sec). If, for some reason, it’s not available, you can download a brief excerpt here