Listen to a live interview with Walt Goodridge this Sunday on BlogTalkRadio’s The Ripple Effect

Success in life is often a ripple effect. The little drops of thought and action that fall into the river you’re traveling on cause an ever-expanding wave of influence that has untold consequences further on. That’s the underlying theme of my friend Lisa Bullard’s “A Ripple Effect” radio program on She’s invited me to come on the air  live and talk about just about anything our conversation makes its way to! Nothing is scripted, and her invitation phone call to me was about 10 seconds long–something she does to make sure her guests are completely spontaneous when the interview happens! So, I wish I could tell you what Lisa is going to ask me, and what, therefore, I’ll be talking about, but I have absolutely no idea!

The interview will be on Sunday, March 18, 2012 12NOON Eastern Daylight Time

The call-in number will be  0000000
UPDATE: Listen to the archived interview here: