Couchsurfing Party!

Subject: Jamaican in China!–Couchsurfing party!

Date: September 6, 2010 9:12:25 AM GMT+08:00

So, my adventure in Beijing, China continues. As a member of the Beijing group on the site, I found out about a Saturday evening gathering. As it was just a short walk from where I’m staying in Sanlitun, I decided to attend. Well-attended with a lot of international representation.

Now, I’m more of a stay-on-the-side-and-observe-reluctant-party-mingler, but I find the atmosphere here in Beijing makes it much easier to meet people.

Plus, party emcee, Trevor H, did his best to introduce me to as many people as possible. Thanks, Trevor!

There was great conversation, new contacts for future travels, and even a double proposal to punctuate the night!

I envision the blogging getting less verbose as I do more living and less writing about it!

(from left to right) America and China meet Jamaica and France

Yvonne from Germany, was it?


Inner Mongolia

Singapore and France

Double proposal! No, I wasn’t the one being proposed to, or doing the proposing!


The party moves outside, then to two different nightclubs!

You’ll have to see some other party-goer’s account of the rest of the night!

At that point, I called it a night and headed home!

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