Breaking my fast

I’m breaking my fast today! Yay! I’ve been on a water-only fast for the past 6 days. I started about 2 days before leaving Xishuangbanna, and have been on it for the past 4 days in Sanya, Hainan. So, if I look skinnier than usual in any of the Hainan photos, now you know why. So, this morning, I will have a watermelon, then rambutan, papaya and other fruit throughout the day to break the fast. In my initial travels around Sanya, I’ve found a protein bar and some wheat-free cookies and I’m anxious to taste them!

Sanya, Hainan, China, beach

Found a good way to pass the time while I fast

beach, sanya hainan, china

Meanwhile, I’m currently staying at a youth hostel near the airport. In between jaunts on the beach, I’ve been on a quest for an apartment with a kitchn here in Sanya. I have found a 80RMB/night hotel a short ways away (no internet). The challenge is that Chinese new year is coming up on February 7, and all the hotels and landlords raise their prices to take advantage of the rush to celebrate new year on Hainan. I was paying 40RMB/night($6US) ( for my third floor hotel room in Xishuangbanna with internet access. Here, the cheapest hostel charges 120RMB/night ($18US). Some of the quotes I’m getting for a one-month apartment rental start at 6,000RMB/month ($909US). I REFUSE to pay $900 for an apartment! That’s a New York price!!!

The secret, for those of you planning a similar trip, is to go out and find the smaller hotels that are NOT listed on the internet. (you can only do that once you get here, of course, or if you have a friend on the island)

hotels in sanya, hainan

Now THAT’S a small hotel

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  1. A little bit of all those (except the new year thing). I typically do it regularly. Every few months or so. However, I hadn’t really done a real one in a long time. I’ve done 2 day or 3 day, but this one was 6. The air and food in Xishuangbanna is not the best, and my stomach and stool (you asked) were reflecting this. I know that one of the best ways to heal practically any kind of illness based on “bad intake” is to fast to allow the body a chance to rest, remove toxins, rejuvenate and even repair DNA. So, I took this opportunity to stop eating the food in Xishuangbanna, clean the gut by fasting, and resume eating here on Hainan where the food is pesticide-free and the air is better. So, I haven’t had anything cooked since last Saturday….I’ve been eating only fruits now for the past few days.

  2. In allowing me to post her comment to the site, my friend R said: “Feel free to say that some Luddite reader who doesn’t know how to blog (and won’t even try) has asked you the following..” So, with that said:

    What made you decide to fast? Do you do it regularly – once a year, or something? or had you gotten some bad food? or in preparation for the Chinese new year? or?

    Just curious…………………

    I love your pictures!

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