Are you really ready for “The BIG TIME!?”

Are you really ready for the BIG TIME!?

If you’re a fellow author, blogger, passionpreneur, nomadpreneur or hip hop entrepreneur seeking to get to the next level of success and perhaps even “hit the big time,” then this is for you!

Now, if you’ve read Living True to Your Self, then you might already know my basic philosophy of life. Consistent with my belief that the universe is perfect, is the certainty that everything happens in divine order, how it should, and when it should. The unfolding and manifestation of that desired reality is more under our control than we might believe. However, there are some limitations. Yes, we have the power to create our desired realities. But, we’ll only allow ourselves to experience the reality that is consistent with what we believe about ourselves. We’ll only allow ourselves to experience what we’re really ready for.

So, how do we get ready? On psychological level, we must modify our self-concept and remove any untruths about our identity, about life, and the world we live in that might be holding our success at bay. At the same time, on a practical level, a key part of a good strategy must be to remove all the excuses and hindrances we might be using to sabotage our own success. By that I mean, if we know in our hearts that we’re really not ready emotionally or practically, then we won’t really give maximum effort to achieve the goal.

Whenever I’m working towards a specific goal, if things aren’t moving at the specific pace and if I’m not producing the specific results I’d like, I spend some time brainstorming about what I need to do in order to bring about the “when” it should. Let me give an example.

Let’s say I’m a writer who would love to sell a million copies of my books. But, would I really be ready if Oprah called today and said she was reviewing my book for her book club? (Yes, I know her show is over! Just work with me!) In other words, is my house in order? Is the quality of my product up to (and over) par? Is the infrastructure in place? Is the manufacturing capacity there? If not, what can I do to prepare the way? What’s missing? What have I overlooked? What loose ends do I need to tie up in order to be really ready for “The Big Time!”?

These are not just ideas to think about in a general sense. They are things to do something about in a specific sense!! If you answer “no” or don’t know the answer to any of the questions, then you need to do some research, find the answer, and if necessary, rectify the situation. To help answer these questions, and take the appropriate actions to get you really ready, here is the first of planned series entitled “Are You Really Ready for the The Big Time?”

The Big Time means millions of visits to your website. Can your site handle the load? Do you need to upgrade your hosting account? Are you on a shared server with limited bandwidth? Are you form scripts able to handle thousands of people signing up to your mailing list at the same time? Needless to say, if you want to ensure that your website is as private and secure as it could possibly be, you need to invest in a reliable server and hosting solution that works for your needs. You can find more information about hosting options here:

The Big Time means thousands of simultaneous orders for your product or service. Do you have the manufacturing capacity, distribution/delivery channels, time, energy, employees, etc. to be able to handle multiple, large orders from all over the world?

The Big Time means demands on your time and presence. If you’re still working a job as an employee and haven’t yet transitioned to being a full-time passionpreneur, do you have the flexibility to fulfill those demands on your time and presence?

Yes, hitting the big time is as much about doing the right things and taking the right steps to get to the big time, as it is doing the right things and taking the right steps to allow the big time to get to you. You don’t even have to spend any money, necessarily. Taking the right step might simply be a phone call to a vendor or manufacturer to have things in place for if and when you get that call from Oprah. You might be surprised how simply knowing your ready for The Big Time, can have an effect on what actually happens to bring you closer to actually hitting it!

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I’d love your comments. What other ways can you suggest to fellow passionpreneurs to get themselves ready for the big time?