Announcing: The Coffeepot Cookbook!

The coffeepot cookbook

Here’s the second book I’ve been working on…and you thought I was only kidding!–Walt (This is a special preview for my blog visitors! If you order the paperback, I’ll give you a free peak (full copy) at the ebook right away, but the actual paperback will ship to you after April 5.

THE COFFEEPOT COOKBOOK! A Humorous, yet Actually Usable Traveler’s Guide to Preparing Healthy, Hearty, Happy Meals on the go Using Nothing but a Hotel Coffeepot…. and a Little Ingenuity!

by the Jamaican in China!


10. Perfectly priced and sized for budget and backpack!
Weighing in at 6oz, 6″ x 9″ and at only $14.24*US,
The Coffeepot Cookbook is the perfect gift for money-and-space-conscious backpackers and other travelers who want an entertaining, yet indispensable tool for the adventure (with real recipes, commentary, back-stories, travel tips, 1 dating suggestion, and more!)

9. Ideal for the chronically or situationally cheap.
You don’t have to be a backpacker, a nomad or a frequent traveler to enjoy saving money on pots, appliances (no more cancer-causing microwaves), or utensils.
The Coffeepot Cookbook can can be used effectively right in your own home, apartment or section of the trailer park.

8. The perfect “going away to college (finally!)” gift!
It’s about time! You’ve been wanting to use that freeloader’s room as a home office, a guest room or storage closet. But just so you won’t feel guilty for not paying for a meal plan for the kid, give junior something useful for his dorm room: The Coffeepot Cookbook! See? You’re not really bad parent after all.

7. The perfect “time to live on your own (finally!)” gift!
It’s about time! You’ve been wanting to use that freeloader’s room as a home office, a guest room or storage closet. “Here. Take this book and get out.”

6. You need proof!
Think about it. No one is ever going to believe you that a book like this actually exists. But, you’ll get the next to last laugh when it shows up delivered to their doorstep. THEY’LL get the last laugh when they read it!

5. The coffeepot makes the man!
The Coffeepot Cookbook proudly on your living room coffee table the first time you invite her over, so your date knows what sort of experience she’s in for with you as a boyfriend.

4. The coffeepot makes the woman!
Men invariably set their expectations high when it comes to the women they marry–particularly when it comes to their skill in the kitchen. Can’t cook? No problem. Display
The Coffeepot Cookbook proudly on your living room coffee table the first time you invite him over, and let’s nip that bad boy in the bud from the get go!

3. The revolution will not be microwaved!
Come on. Admit. You’ve either done it or thought about doing it last time you were in a hotel and getting fed up with a steady diet of ramen noodles. You knew there HAD to be more uses for this thing “the man” didn’t want you to know about. Power to the people!! (No justice! No peas!)

2. We have a money-back guarantee (visit the site to read it very very very very carefully)

And the number one reason to order
The Coffeepot Cookbook right now…..drum roll, please…

1. Get it before it’s banned!
Let’s face it, you’re not going to find this trend-setting book next to your Gideon Bible in the bed and breakfasts, motels and hotels around the world. In fact, once the International Hotel Owners Association gets wind of these coffeepot recipes, chances are they’ll move to get it summarily banned in all continents and all languages. Get it now before the book burnings begin!

6″ x 9″; 52 color pages; $14.24* plus shipping for the paperback!

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*NOTE: I really wanted to make this cookbook full color AND charge only $12.00, but to do so, would mean I would lose money on every sale. (That would be like ME paying YOU to read my book. And how silly is that!!?) Then I thought about making the cookbook black and white, but whoever heard of a black and white cookbook???? So, you get a full color cookbook for the painstakingly-researched, consumer-friendly yet still marginally profitable price of $14.24–Walt

Anyway, there’s more fun stuff on the site!