The Jamaican in China’s “Best of China!” Travel Rhyme

As a *guest travel blogger for (sounds glamorous, doesn’t it?), I’ve been asked to do a special post summarizing my time in China. By the terms of our unique *exclusivity agreement (sounds official, doesn’t it?), the post is only available on THEIR site.

For the benefit of those who wish to do the same thing, I’ve consulted with my *crack legal team (sounds impressive, doesn’t it?) and shall herewith present: THE INTRICATE LEGAL DETAILS OF ESTABLISHING A GUEST BLOGGER EXCLUSIVITY AGREEMENT: (Take notes. This gets a little complicated.)

STEP 1. Ahem. Basically, I emailed Aimee Groom at and begged her to let me write for them, and she emailed back and said….”Okay.”

(um, allright, allright. Her exact words were: “Okay. Don’t beg. It’s not attractive. Now, get up off your knees….”)

(..and I really don’t have a legal “team” per se. It’s really just two, okay, okay, more like 1 person….an advisor, or more like a voice, (sigh) okay, if you must know…it’s actually my voice…in my own head. But, I do listen when it speaks. And I never interrupt.)

So, with that said, click on the image or link below to read what I’ve coined  a “TRAVEL RHYME!”

Click here to go to to read the Travel Rhyme