The “Jamaican in China” Singapore Restaurant Review!

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Hi!!!! My name is Walt F.J. Goodridge, Jamaican in China! Welcome to today’s episode entitled “Vegan Heaven in Singapore!”

Because of both the Buddhist and Indian influences, there’s absolutely no shortage of vegan and vegetarian restaurants here in Singapore. In order to fully appreciate the plethora of pigless perfection, the fantasy of fleshless feasting, the cacophony of cruelty-free culinary cooking that is Singapore, I suggest to you that the appropriate unit of measurement is “square inch,” as in “there are more vegetarian restaurants per square inch in Singapore than in any other city in the world, and that includes New York, Los Angeles and Beijing!” (However, my research shall be ongoing)

Now, while many restaurant signs in New York squeeze in the word “vegan” in small letters in what amounts to a reluctant, fearful whisper, so as not to alienate the majority population; and while some restaurants in Beijing simply add two or three dishes, or–if I’m lucky–a whole page (wow!) of “vegetarian-friendly” options (which means they’ll be friendly to you while they remove the pieces of visible meat from the dish you just ordered, so you can be happy, you fanatic freak),  here in Singapore’s Little India, it’s different–I counted several blocks, each with 4, 5, or 6 different restaurants one right next to the other each with the word “VEGETARIAN” as an integral part of the restaurant name, in big, bold letters in what amounts to a proud and unapologetic scream for all the world to hear! Yes, Singapore bulges with a buffet of beefless–oh, oops, I already beat that style of description to death already…..

This is Vegetarian Heaven, “supersized” at no additional charge! This is Vegetarian Heaven with a deluxe/elite ticket option upgrade! This is Vege….okay, you get the point. As such, the challenge has been to sample as many of the restaurants as possible in the few days I planned to stay. In fact, I had to leave Singapore for a short four day trip, but then I returned just so I could eat at more restaurants! I kid you not.

As I related in an earlier post, the first restaurant I found on my first afternoon in Singapore (found through was Fo You Yuan on Kitchener Street in Little India.

Fast service, clean, healthy meals! I went back every morning for their yam paste and gingko nut porridge.

“Take photo first. Eat second.” “Take photo first. Eat second.”

Fo You Yuan gets the highest marks for sweetest wait staff!

The next day came Zen Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant on Middle Road. It’s on the second floor of Midlink Plaza.

a few of the staff at Zen Japanese Vegetarian

If you’re fortunate enough to also know and dine with my friend, Michelle, then you’ll also have some cool conversation…otherwise, you’ll simply have to envy me! Zen wisdom: Envy is a dish best served slightly warmed… with noodles, edamame and a bit of ginger to aid with digestion.

Zen gets the high marks for most exciting assortment of meals!

While strolling through the streets, I came across City Center Mall, Singapore’s first eco-mall and found Four Seasons Organic store on the third floor. I didn’t eat full meals there, but it became part of my daily routine to pick up food bars and fresh squeezed green juice.

Spinach, carrots, apple and ginger….life is great!

And, of course, there are other reasons to keep going back….

4 Seasons gets the high marks for greatest assortment of “other reasons” to keep going back! Ladies, next time I promise I’ll bring copies of my books for you to see!

Next stop was 7 Sensations, also in Little India on Madras Street

Korean rice, yam soup, veggie roll wrap, green juice. 7 Sensations gets the prize for most esthetically pleasing presentation! The restaurant, the meals, and the menu are all expertly designed and presented! Try the durian cake and avocado/tofu cake for dessert.

See you on QQ, ladies!

Just a short walk from the hostel I was staying, is Big Bites Pure Vegetarian Restaurant. Many of their pastries and snacks have ghee (butter), or milk, but I did find a few snacks made from dahl and spices. So, that became part of my daily routine as well.

No….Just take the picture…that’s the point, I don’t want to look at the camera….I’m trying to look cool….while I pose next to my empty bag of just-eaten masala snack

Next was Lao Di Fang Vegetarian Restaurant in the Park Mall

in the basement of the Park Mall, Central Singapore

It was a little out-of-the way from where I was staying, so I only went there once, but next time….oh, man, next time….!

Next was Nature Vegetarian Delights – Hougang, Northeast Singapore…a buffet-style restaurant.

So that’s how I spent my days in Singapore, green juices, food bars, vegan dining and bunk beds in hostels.

Encore at Fo You Yuan

>Looks like fun, doesn’t it? Blissful, right? Yup. Uh huh… WELL YOU’RE WRONG!!! Those few days in Singapore were extremely stressful!! Why? Well, every other place I’ve lived, I would find one, perhaps two restaurants where I can eat, and then life is easy.

Monday? Restaurant ONE.
Tuesday? Restaurant ONE.
Wednesday? guess what…same restaurant! This I can do.

OR, if I feel like I can handle a bit of increased complexity I might do:

Monday? Restaurant ONE.
Tuesday? Restaurant TWO.
Wednesday? Restaurant ONE again.

Tricky, but manageable. This is what I’m accustomed to.

Here in Singapore, however, I have the stress of choice. On my last day, I was actually on my way to one restaurant, had a change of stomach, made an about face on the sidewalk and then started walking to another restaurant, then ended up going past that restaurant and ending up at a third restaurant where I finally had my meal. I don’t know if I could handle that sort of stress on a daily basis. I might go mad.

That’s the advantage of life on the lunatic fringe. Predictability. Now I know how omnivores feel!


As lengthy as this post is, there are still some other shops, stores I didn’t include in the list. Like I said, Singapore is heaven for vegetarians, but beware….You might not be able to handle it!

Now, as I wrap up this episode, I’d hate for you to think I was biased only towards vegetarian restaurants. I, and my blog pride ourselves as being fair, non-judgmental, ecumenical, all-inclusive and exercise political correctness and compassion and tolerance for all, regardless of their lifestyle, culinary and dietary choices. So, with that said, if you’re not into vegetarian fare,

I imagine you can always eat here:

In case you can’t read the sign, it says….”Free coffee with every purchase of a bowl of Pig’s Organ Soup.”

Nothing like a hot cup o’ joe to chase down the pig’s organ. Bon apetit!


Until next time, this is Walt F.J. Goodridge, Jamaican in China!

See you in Singapore!


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