“…sure, but can he compose a concise memo from a 6′ x 9′ cubicle???*

Watch the video on Youtube:

Here’s my well-thought-out opinion:

That’s all well and good, and the little tune he’s playing is nice. But, there’s no future in this. It is incumbent upon us as parents NOT to let our children be distracted by such trivial and impractical pursuits while we mold them into the little corporate cogs, bureaucracy builders and factory fodder they must one day become. It’s the only way.”

Walt F.J. Goodridge,The Jamaican in China and… author of

Turn Your Passion Into Profit,
Living True to Your Self,
and The Tao of Wow


*From the “Soon to be Retracted Gaffes” Department of Walt’s Profiles in Passion website!

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