My coffee colonic in Bangkok, Thailand at Yanhee Int’l Hospital!

Come on! Don’t act like you’re not curious! Don’t pretend your interest isn’t the least bit piqued to see what it looks and feels like when 25 liters of warm, coffee-tinged water is introduced into the colon (no, not through the mouth…use your imagination!) in order to clean and remove toxins, debris, undigested food, impacted fecal matter, bacteria, parasites and mucoid plaque from the colon in order to improve digestion, nutrient absorption and essentially reboot the digestive system!

So, being the narcissistic exhibitionist I am and, perhaps, being the armchair voyeur you are, I’ve answered both our desires! Check it out! (It’s completely anonymous! No one–not even me–will ever know you watched!)

Note to the squeamish: Don’t worry, I don’t actually show the “stuff” coming out!

Background: Ever since I discovered Jason Rupp’s Youtube video and his glowing recommendation of Yanhee International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, for a colon hydrotherapy session, and the amazingly low cost (by US standards), I decided to check it out for myself! I’ve done colonics in the states, in Hong Kong, and now in Thailand (Hmmm. Is this a new type of fanatical-cleansing-thrill-seeking subset of medical tourism I’m pioneering?)

p.s. A friend saw a photo of me at this hospital and asked if I was okay

My reply: Yep, I am faaaantabulous! FYI: I do the colonics and oxygen therapies, and coffee enemas, and extended waters fasts as part of my normal, regular health maintenance (See my books, A Clean Cell Never Dies and Fast & Grow Young) to keep myself young and vital. Plus, I’ve been in in some high-pollution zones recently, so I definitely wanted to do a detox, AND you can’t beat the prices here in Thailand!

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