Jamaican in Bangkok! And the award goes to….!

Wow! I’ve only been in Thailand for 3 hours, and already it’s the top contender for the “Most Helpful People” award! As I walk around following the directions to the hostel I booked, at least SIX people (women, but one guy, too) have walked up and simply asked “Where are you going?” or “Where are you trying to get to?” and then offered bus routes and other directions to help me get there!

On a bus from the airport in Thailand

The first person to do this, however, and thus the first person I’ve met in Thailand, was Nafeezah who asked, “Can I help you?”then took the time and energy to  guide me around the confusing bridges and stairways of Victory Monument to find the number 28 bus!

Good Samaritan Nafeezah helps the wandering Jamaican!


Graciously waiting for the bus

Here’s the scene on one of the buses  I took to get to the hostel


We’re off to an auspicious start! More to come!


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