Isa Benn, director, writer, filmmaker…. and my cousin!

Here’s the latest in the series of passion-centered mavericks I’m featuring in the Communal Capitalism series referenced in an earlier post. My cousin, Isa Benn, in Toronto is a filmmaker! She’s posted a brief trailer of what she intends to be a five-part series….Here is the overview:

A brief, yet moving, glimpse of three young girls (Age: 5, 14, 17) and their trials and tribulations throughout one day. Eunice, Savannah and Asa set out to rent a bike, adding some happiness to what we witness as monotony, the absence of authority and poverty. Their euphoria is unexpectedly interrupted by the presence of strange males who rupture a beautiful and sound moment. The story ends with two girls, an apprehensive walk home and a moment of displacement. is another great “support my project” site that allows credible creative folks like Isa to seek your support to complete their projects….and is a great example of …what CNN called “communal capitalism,” [which] demonstrates that even in this difficult economy and with no clear profit potential, people are willing to invest in entities about which they care and in entities that they believe will have a positive impact on their community.”

She’s about 1/4 of the way there! It would mean a lot to me to be able to share her success story and the release of her film in a future post!

CHECK IT OUTmeet her team, read their individual stories and let’s get this film made so we can find out the true significance of the title!