Eight Days in Laos….Days 4 through 7!

By now, I’ve established a daily routine…

Up at about 5am to work on the computer until sunrise.


At the computer


Head out to the market

morning market

Luang Namtha Morning Market


Watch puppies and monkeys playing…



“Which way did ‘e go? Which way did ‘e go? This little chimp is making a monkey out of me!”


Make new friends…



Tik, from Minority Restaurant on her way to evening English class.

More cycling on Day 7


Cycling and sunning

Photo opps to remind myself I was in Laos



Eat at Minority Restaurant.



Big Noodles & Vegetables (2) Fried veggie spring rolls, (3) Tofu Soup



But, I’ve also started to talk with Minority Restaurant owner, Vanxai about Jamaica, about Saipan, about Laos, about America, and about the tourism industry in Luang Namtha. I offer to update the webpage for the restaurant a bit to make it a bit more appealing, and give a few tips on places to promote the restaurant on the web.


HappycowIntroducing Vanxai to HappyCow.net

He also teaches me about the eco-tourism/adventure business and we agree to keep in touch upon my return to Jinghong.


Make sure you go Kayaking with Vanxai. That’s his passion!



Tomorrow morning, I return to China!



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