Eight Days in Laos…..Day 2

You know what? I haven’t been in a sauna since leaving Saipan. And you know what else? I’ve never had a professional massage.


It’s something I had wanted to do in Beijing, Kunming and Jinghong, but just never got around to finding a location. Well, here in Laos I found one.


There’s an Herbal Massage and Sauna spot located on the same lot as Minority Restaurant. So, since I’m here, there’s no need to put it off any longer!


So today’s agenda is simple:


Sit in the sun.



‘Laxin’ in Laos


Get a massage.





Do the sauna.


The sauna room is constructed of bamboo. It’s a little hut that sits atop some wood columns. Out back, behind the sauna hut, there’s a huge pot sitting over a fire, with a hollow bamboo pipe positioned to direct the herbal steam into the hut. It gets pretty hot in there. Dare I say “oppressive!”



The sauna engine room out back



No Minority Restaurant today since today was one of those days I didn’t eat. The sauna shop opens for business at 4:00pm each day. I kept an empty stomach all day in preparation for the massage and sauna. They finished squeezing and boiling me at about 7-ish, which is too late in the day for me to eat.


I’ll eat tomorrow.

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