A potentially huge business opportunity

a business partner of mine just sent me something interesting that has profound implications for reaching niche markets around the world (yes, even in China!)

It’s called Rippln (That’s R I P P L N), and essentially, it’s an app that allows you to create a permanent, portable “ripple effect” network that you can use to recommend any future technology/app/product.

Say you refer 5 people, those 5 persons refer 5 people, and so on. Every person who gets involved based on your initial invite is considered part of a “ripple.” Each person who gets involved based on the recommendations of those in your first ripple are part of an ever-expanding “ripple effect” that grows exactly like the ever-expanding ripple wave that happens when you drop a pebble in a lake. You’ll earn money whenever anyone in your ripple network makes a purchase or refers someone who does.

From what I’ve seen so far,there’s no real downside to this. If the founders get things rolling and convince the next Facebook/Twitter etc. to sign on to Rippln, you’ll have your “ripple” (think “portable downline”)in place. If they don’t, well, you don’t lose anything.

They launch officially soon. If you’re interested in learning more, I can send you a limited-time invitation with a non-disclosure agreement.


p.s. Since I have a background in network marketing (it’s what freed me from corporate confinement many years ago), people have been sending me information about these types of new business opportunities. This is the first one that’s grabbed my attention. If interested in learning more (while I do my own due diligence), email me at walt@passionprofit.com and I’ll send you an invitation. I’m only given five invitation codes at a time, and each invitation lasts only 24 hours in order to give others an opportunity to jump in. So, please act fast to get in the inner circle now. Again, I’m making no guarantees here. Every great opportunity is often speculative at first, but life often rewards those who are willing to take a chance!

And, even if you’re not interested in the money, since there’s no charge to simply get involved and “play,” it’s simply a cool way to see how many and how far and wide and into how many countries your ripple network extends! It’s pretty cool!

Check out an intro video out here:


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